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O’Neill Landscape Group has been providing quality landscaping, garden design, and maintenance services in the Alpharetta, Georgia area for over 9 years. Our landscaping group was formed in 2007, and our specialist landscapers and hardscapers have over 35 years of collected experience. We pride ourselves on our dedication to customer service, detail-oriented design and implementation, and our total honesty throughout the entire landscaping process.

We’ve built up an outstanding reputation in the Alpharetta, Georgia area, with a tremendous amount of satisfied customers both in Alpharetta, and around the entire Atlanta metropolitan area. We can enhance your garden space with a beautiful landscaping solution, help your re-sod and restore a lawn that’s seen better days, or just help you keep your yard and your plants in top shape all year-round with our top-notch landscape maintenance services.


Why Choose Us?

Because we care about you. That’s not some corporate slogan, or an empty promise. We care about each and every one of our customers, and our dedication to honest, open customer service begins when we consult with you about your project.

No matter how big or how small your project is, we put your needs first, and provide you with incredible customer service.

Our integrity and attention to detail shines through in every project we do, whether you’re in the market for a new patio and a total landscape overhaul – or just need a pesky tree removed and some lovely shrubs and flowers planted in its place.

Our experienced landscape architects are here to serve you, and provide you with the best possible landscaping solutions for your needs, so that you can bring your landscaping vision to life.

Landscape Design – From Start To Finish

Landscape design is as complex and thorough as any other construction or architecture project. A great landscape implementation requires careful consideration, robust planning, and a team with the skills and precision handiwork necessary to implement a great design.

Our team can walk you through the whole design process, using your input and design ideas all throughout our ideation process, allowing you to be the chief architect of your own landscaping solution.

When you’re planning your landscape project, our experts can help you consider:

  • How you plan to use your outdoor area – Would you prefer lots of greenspace for kids to run around? Do you want a large patio with walkways and other stone features? Are you going to be sitting and relaxing, or active? The first step in designing a great outdoor living solution is understanding how you want to live.
  • Who will be using your garden or landscaped area – We can help design a fantastic landscaping solution appropriate for any group of people. Young or old, public or private, our team can put together the perfect solution for you.
  • How you will maintain your garden – One area where landscaping differs from construction is maintenance. Our team is experienced in creating landscaping solutions that are easy to maintain all year round, enhancing the beauty of your home. And if you’d prefer not to maintain your landscape, you can contract with us to do it for you! Our experts will take great care of your garden and landscaping solution.

After you’ve decided upon the answers to these questions – and many others – during the design process, we will begin walking you through our design methodology, and involve you in the entire process, from initial designs and cost consideration to implementation. There will be no surprises – you’ll have a clear picture of the entire process, from end-to-end.


Naturally, the specific features of your landscaping project are one of the most important aspects of landscape design.

From adding a simple focal point to your garden to a total outdoor living space transformation, O’Neill Landscape Group can help you choose the perfect landscaping features for your needs, focusing both on your budget, and the intended feel, appearance, and utility of your outdoor living space.

Here are a few of the features we can install:


Firepits And Fireplaces In Alpharetta Georgia

Fireplaces and Firepits in Alpharetta Georgia

A roaring fire is a fun and captivating focal point for any garden that also adds real usefulness. Bring your family together around the fire for some fun and relaxation or share drinks and old stories with friends into the early hours.

A fire pit is normally a square or circular feature integrated into your patio, creating a striking focal point that kids and adults will love without taking over your entire garden. Fireplaces are for creating more of a defined, attention-grabbing sight and can be customized to match your house and garden.

Whichever you choose, O’Neill Landscape Group can help you select the perfect product and place it for maximum effect. 

Firepits and Fireplaces

Alpharetta Patio

Patios are the ideal entertaining space of any garden, giving you and your family a place to sit and enjoy the sun and the incredible views of your landscaped garden in Alpharetta, Georgia. O’Neill Landscape Group offers a range of materials to create the perfect patio to complement any garden space. Choose from:

  • Stone - classic and elegant, a stone patio is a gorgeous addition to any garden in Alpharetta, Georgia. Choose from a variety of colors and shaped stones to suit any desired look. Cobblestones and gravel are other options we can cater for, giving you total flexibility to create stunning design options for your stone patio.
  • Paving - paved stones are great for flexibility and for their smooth, stylish look. We offer pavers to resemble brick, cobblestone and even wood, so there are plenty of great options to choose from. Pavers are also the ideal choice for driveways and parking spaces due to their durability.

Alpharetta Pathways

Connecting pathways require just as much attention as main features like the patio. The path is the first thing guests will see as they walk to your front door so an attractive stone, paved or wooden pathway can make a great first impression.

Placement of pathways is vital for accessing different areas of the garden without disturbing the look and feel of the space. We plan sensitively so that your Alpharetta, Georgia garden looks perfect but you can still move around in it freely.

Alpharetta Retaining Walls

Retaining walls are great for leveling out sloping land and creating an eye catching layered effect in your garden in Alpharetta, Georgia. This is not only great for appearances but it can help create more usable spaces in your garden and create defined sections for different functions.

Putting in a retaining wall requires not only the technical expertise but a real eye for how it will affect a space- will it increase the usefulness or create an ugly division? O’Neill Landscape Group is experienced in planning walls and stone features in gardens of all sizes all over Alpharetta, Georgia, so you can trust us to put walls in exactly the right spots to enhance a garden. Your choice of materials include:

  • Natural stone - for a timeless and elegant look.
  • Segmented blocks - durable concrete that looks great and is sturdy enough to handle even high walls.
  • Boulders - large, rough hewn rocks create a great rustic look that’s perfect for any garden style.

segmental retaining walls in woodstock ga

Sod Installation in Alpharetta 

A beautiful and well kept lawn adds a stunning swathe of green to any garden space and has countless uses. No landscaped outdoor living space in Alpharetta, Georgia is complete without a nice green space, so whether you’re creating an entirely new garden or want to swap out your patchy, weed-filled lawn for pristine sod, O’Neill Landscape Group has the perfect solution for you.

There’s more to adding a beautiful sod lawn to your property than you might think. The first step is clearing any existing grass, rocks and plant life from the area. Our expert team then prepares the soil through a combination of machinery and hand grading. We then carefully lay the sod, chosen from the best farms in Alpharetta, Georgia and the surrounding area. Once the lawn is in place we will thoroughly water it for you and go over it with a roller to ensure smooth and seamless application. The entire process is speedy and hassle-free for you, and the end result is a stunning new lawn for your property.

sod installation in woodstock and roswell ga


Carefully chosen plant life adds the finishing touches to your Alpharetta, Georgia garden project, adding color and life to any space. Any sized plot of land can be transformed into an explosion of color and fun with the right flowers and plants, so let O’Neill Landscape Group help you create the perfect scenery for your garden.

When planting, it is important to create an ordered, flowing scene with your choice of greenery. A jumble of different colors and sizes isn’t at all pleasing to the eye, so let our expert team give you some suggestions on what will work well for your garden.

For residential homes in and around Alpharetta, Georgia, we can work with the existing trees and plant life or we can start from a blank slate and create an entirely new scene from scratch. Whichever you choose, our talented team will transform your garden into a serene and peaceful space with a beautiful array of plants and flowers.

Businesses and commercial spaces can benefit just as much as homes from a good garden makeover. Attracting customers with some stylish plantings or creating a calm, peaceful space in your office complex is easy with the help of O’Neill Landscape Group. Talk to us about everything from plant selection to installation and long-term maintenance.

Reliable Lawn Maintenance for the Alpharetta, Georgia Area

Once your dream garden is up and running, making sure it stays beautiful and well cared for is just as vital. Nobody wants to spend money on creating the perfect outdoor space only for it to fall into disrepair after a few seasons.

At O’Neill Landscape Group we build our features, patios, decking and lawns to last. We also offer expert and competitively priced maintenance to keep your lawn and garden in top shape all year round. Choose from a weekly or bi-weekly maintenance plan that covers everything from mowing the lawn and weeding to keeping your garden, leaf-free in fall and pruning and rejuvenating your plant life in winter. No other company in the Roswell, Georgia area offers the same all-inclusive service for the same low price!

For commercial spaces and businesses, a well maintained outdoor space makes a great impression on customers. O’Neill Landscape Group takes the hassle out of maintaining a pristine garden all year round, and with customers including Skyline Seven Real Estate, Access Management Group and Fellowship Bible Church you can be sure that we deliver a top of the range service.

Go With the Pro’s!

You’ve read about the services we offer. You’ve seen the reasons why you should trust us. All that’s left to do is get in touch with us with your landscape gardening vision and begin the journey of transforming your land into the landscaped garden you’ve always dreamed of.

If you live in the Alpharetta, Georgia area and need help with any aspect of landscape gardening or maintenance, get in touch with us today!