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Aeration and overseeding services for lawns in Woodstock, GA and nearby areas like Roswell and Alpharetta.

Core aeration services open up your lawn's soil, while fescue overseeding services provide healthy growth for cool-season grass.

Aeration opens up your lawn's soil so nutrients can get where they need to go and encourage growth throughout your entire lawn. Through our overseeding services for cool-season grasses, we lay fescue seeds on top of your existing lawn to further promote new grass growth. When paired together, our aeration and overseeding services help your fescue lawn achieve optimal growth and health.

Our northern Georgia lawn care company serves residential, commercial, and HOA properties in Woodstock, Alpharetta, Roswell, and surrounding cities within areas of Cherokee County, Fulton County, and Cobb County.

What Is Aeration & How Does It Benefit My Lawn?

How aeration improves your lawn graphic.

Aeration is the process of creating small holes in your existing lawn's soil to loosen up soil that has become compacted over time. This allows carbon dioxide, nutrients, and water to more efficiently penetrate your grass roots. While all lawns can benefit from aeration, this service is particularly beneficial to lawns that receive heavy traffic and dry out easily. Our team typically recommends that aeration for cool-grass be performed in the fall or during the months of March, April, or May for the most effective results.

Grasses like Zoysia and Bermuda are considered warm-season grasses and should be aerated in the springtime. Aerating these grasses in the warmer months helps the turf to fully transition from dormant to active in time for the growing season. It allows roots to develop stronger, more established roots so that the grass is able to thrive and remain healthy in the hotter months of the summer season.

We Pair Fescue Overseeding Services with Core Aeration

Damaged lawn at a home in Alpharetta that we aerated then overseeded to repair  damage.

Overseeding for fescue lawns, which should be done on an annual basis to encourage healthy grass growth, involves laying down grass seed on top of your existing lawn.

Our lawn care company tries to pair overseeding with aeration whenever possible. Doing so allows the new fescue seeds to reach deeper into your lawn's soil and better establish themselves. Whenever we perform overseeding, we always finish it off by adding a starter fertilizer. This way, your grass will have all of the nutrients it needs to support new growth.

We recommend that overseeding be performed in the fall to most efficiently promote new grass growth.

Are you interested in aeration and overseeding services for your yard? Call us today.

If you're wondering about whether or not your north Georgia lawn could benefit from core aeration, our lawn care technicians can consult with you. Our annual aeration services help to boost the health of your grass and its roots. Our overseeding services for fescue lawns, when paired with aeration, will also help your grass grow stronger and form a better root system.

Call us today at (770) 627-5012 to promote new growth in your lawn with aeration and fescue overseeding. We offer our services to the lawns of homes, businesses, and HOAs in Woodstock, Roswell, Alpharetta, and other cities in and around Cherokee County, Cobb County, and Fulton County.

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