First impressions are lasting. Whether you are a homeowner, local association, multi-family dwelling, or business in Alpharetta, GA, we offer a variety of lawn care maintenance packages for you! Your landscaping and lawn sets the tone for your entire property. Onlookers will immediately judge the quality of your Alpharetta, GA business or home by how well it is maintained. Trust O’Neill to show up on time, every time.

From mowing, edging, and spaying in the summer to leaf removal and shrub sculpting in the winter and fall, we offer services for every season. You can count on us make your Alpharetta, GA property look professional and well maintained year-round


We offer high-quality sprays to keep your Alpharetta, GA lawn looking pristine. We perform multiple sprays throughout the year that will inhibit weed growth, provide nutrients, and keep your lawn looking green and healthy at all times. We also offer top of the line treatments to keep your trees and shrubs pest and damage free!


Building a new house or looking to change up the look of your existing one in Alpharetta, GA? Look no further! We are design experts and have been helping homeowners visualize and create their dream lawns for years. We sit down with you and work to draft the best use of your outdoor space. Our skilled design team will comb over every aspect you could imagine from the eye-catching focal point to the smallest details that truly make a landscape stand out. We work with all size budgets as well!


When you are looking to have an irrigation system installed in Alpharetta, GA, you can’t afford to trust anyone but the pros. Installing an effective irrigation system takes practice and attention to detail. Too much or too little water can be devastating to the health of your lawn (and your budget). Harder yet, the irrigation system must be properly spread out over the lawn taking into consideration natural high and low areas. Let our seasoned pros talk you through the process! We also repair and winterize existing irrigation systems throughout Alpharetta, GA.


Mulch and pinestraw not only offer significant benefits to the health of your landscape, but they are beautiful as well! Your mulch bed will suppress weeds, conserve water, moderate soil temperature, and control erosion in your lawn. We can offer you samples of colors and materials that will best fit your home.


Fresh, new sod isn’t just for newly built homes! If your current lawn suffers from disease, weed, pest, or growing issues or simply does not meet your expectations, a sod replacement is the perfect solution. A healthy lawn starts with the soil; we prep and till your soil to ensure your new sod will have a long and healthy life. Our expert installers will make your Alpharetta, GA lawn the envy of the neighborhood!


It is hard to appreciate how wonderful a backyard firepit or fireplace really is until you have the luxury of owning one. They are easy to maintain and endlessly practical. Gather your family and friends around your firepit to relax, have fun, and share a drink. They can also beautifully tie together a backyard as a natural focal point. We offer dozens of pre-made and even custom fireplace and firepit designs for you. In Alpharetta, GA, we are lucky that we get to enjoy them year round!


A walkway is the first thing that welcomes guests to your home and your backward. Often overlooked, no well designed landscape is complete without beautifully crafted walkways. While the shortest path between two points is a straight line, it’s obviously not the most beautiful. Our experts can make something as boring as a walkway into a true work of art. We offer a number of stunning stones, wood, and pavers that will impress your visitors and last for years to come. If you are looking to spice up your Alpharetta, GA backyard and make it stand out from the rest, we can create the perfect walkway for you!


Everyone knows that no backyard is complete without a patio or deck. Due to their popularity in Alpharetta GA, we have become professionals at installing decks and patios quickly and correctly. We also offer an overwhelming number of materials to choose from in a variety styles, prices, and colors. Natural wood provides an affordable and timeless choice, while natural stone provides instant class and will last for years. Combine your stone patio with a customized firepit and your backyard will be the envy of the neighborhood.


Retaining walls are both beautiful and practical. They can level out a sloped portion of your lawn or create a natural boundary for a pond or landscaping. Our experts will help you visualize just how a retaining wall can fit into your landscaping vision. We offer stone, segmental block, and boulder retaining walls that will fit your every need. Our beautifully crafted retaining walls can add practicality and style to your Alpharetta, GA home.


Now that you know a little about us and the services we provide, feel free to contact us for a consultation. Don’t see what you need listed? Give us a call anyway, we’re sure one of our experts in Alpharetta GA, has the skills and knowledge to make your dream a reality.