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Custom Fire Pits and Outdoor Fireplaces

Durable and Beautiful Construction

Our team of experts specializes in fireplace and fire pit installations in Atlanta and surrounding areas. Whether you prefer a pre-made kit or a custom design, we can bring your vision to life. Our skilled masons will use high-quality materials to construct a stunning and long-lasting fireplace or fire pit for your outdoor space.

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Custom fire pit and fireplace design allows for these elements to be made in any size or shape. Commonly, fire pits are made in a circular, square, or rectangular shape. It is also important to consider the size of the property where you're installing your chosen fire feature, as a large fireplace may not balance well with a small backyard and a small fire pit won't be as good of a focal point in a larger landscape design.

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A Custom Fire Pit or Outdoor Fireplace is Beneficial to Your Property

A custom fire feature at residential properties adds a gathering spot to entertain family and friends. For commercial properties, especially hotels or resorts, an outdoor fireplace is an excellent area for guests to enjoy the outdoors while sitting by the fire. HOA common areas are also great places to install a fire pit so residents can hang out and feel a sense of community.

Other benefits of installing a fire feature in Atlanta include:

  • Fire and smoke are natural insect repellents. A wood-burning fire pit is ideal for repelling insects such as mosquitoes, as they do not like smoke and will stay away from it.
  • A fire feature adds a beautiful focal point to your overall landscaping design.

Thinking of a Custom Fire Pit or Outdoor Fireplace Installation?

At O'Neill Landscape Group, we design and install numerous fire features for HOAs, commercial properties, and residential properties in Atlanta, GA, and countless other surrounding communities. If you're thinking about adding a fire pit or fireplace to your outdoor living area, call our fire pit installers today at (770) 738-9677 to set up a consultation with the area's top-rated professional outdoor fireplace designers.