3 Common Lawn Care Myths – Busted!

In the heat of the Atlanta summer, it can be tough to take good care of your lawn. That’s why so many myths pop up about lawn care – and the proper way to keep your lawn healthy during the summer.

In this article, the team at O’Neill Landscape Group will examine 3 of the most common lawn care myths – and bust them! Read on, and learn how to take better care of your lawn while avoiding common lawn care mistakes!

Myth 1 – More Water Is Always A Good Thing!

This is extremely common in the hot Atlanta summer. Your lawn is looking a bit brown and long in the tooth – so it’s time to start up that irrigation system, and give it a thorough soak, right? Just start pumping water up, and let loose!

It’s not uncommon to see people watering their lawns every single day – but this is actually terrible for your grass.

Grass is just like you – it needs water and oxygen to survive. If you overwater, you risk “drowning” the roots of your grass. The water will flush out pockets of air as the turf is saturated – and this will suffocate your grass.

Overwatering is a waste of resources, and doesn’t help improve your grass. Your lawn needs 1-1.5 inches of water per week to thrive. So water it once or twice a week. Even if it looks a little brown, that’s fine – it’s better than drowning your roots, and causing the permanent death of your grass.

Myth 2 – You’ve Got To Bag Those Clippings!

This is a very divisive issue among lawn care enthusiasts. There are those who claim that grass clippings contribute to thatch – the dense, closely packed leaves, roots, and stems that rest below your grass. Excessive thatch can cause a variety of problems – so these folks claim that bagging your grass clippings is essential for a healthy lawn.

Well, that couldn’t be further from the truth. Grass clippings are actually good for your lawn. Grass clippings are loaded with water and nutrients. If you leave them on your lawn instead of bagging them, you’re basically getting free mulch and fertilizer – which is great for the health of your lawn!

Myth 3 – Lowering Mower Blades Lets You Mow Less Often

It’s tempting to lower your mower blades to get an even, “golf-course-like” appearance for your grass, and avoid mowing every week. However, cutting your lawn short can be very dangerous – you may end up scalping your grass. If this occurs in the summer, your lawn will have a hard time absorbing water, and could end up dying.

So don’t risk scalping your grass. Mow weekly, and set your blades to remove around ? of the total length of the grass. Doing so will provide you with a healthy lawn that can still easily absorb moisture and photosynthesize – and remove the risk of accidental “scalping”.

Don’t Fall For These 3 Common lawn care Myths!

If you follow the tips outlined above, your lawn is sure to stay healthy – even in the heat of summer. But if you’re having difficulties maintaining a properly cared-for lawn, call O’Neill Landscape Group today!

We would be happy to take a look at your lawn, and help you understand what needs to be done to restore it to a healthy, beautiful, and green state. So contact us now, and see how we can help provide you with the lawn of your dreams!