a paver custom paver patio by oneill landscapes


Adding a patio to your yard enhances property value, creates functional space, and provides a great area for entertaining guests. However, choosing the right material for your patio is crucial.

At O'Neill Landscape Group, we specialize in designing and installing custom patios with flagstone and concrete pavers. Here's a guide to help you decide which material suits your property in Roswell, Alpharetta, Woodstock, and surrounding areas in Georgia.

1. Cost: Budget-Friendly Options

Concrete Pavers: The Economical Choice

  • Cost Efficiency: If budget is a concern, concrete pavers are a more affordable option.
  • Price Range: Concrete pavers generally cost $3-$6 per square foot.
  • Pre-Cut Advantage: These pavers come pre-cut, reducing labor costs.

Flagstone: A Premium Investment

  • Higher Cost: Flagstone, sourced directly from quarries, is more expensive due to additional shaping by skilled stoneworkers.
  • Price Range: Flagstone typically costs $15-$20 per square foot.

2. Design: Versatility and Aesthetic Appeal

Concrete Pavers: Unlimited Design Options

  • Customization: Available in various colors, shapes, sizes, and patterns.
  • Flexibility: Ideal for personalized designs.

Flagstone: Natural Elegance

  • Variety of Stones: Includes limestone, slate, and bluestone, each offering unique colors and a natural look.
  • Seamless Integration: Enhances the natural beauty of your property.

Our hardscape contractors will assist in selecting the color and type that best complements your property's exterior.

3. Lifespan & Maintenance: Durability Matters

Flagstone: Long-Lasting and Low Maintenance

  • Longevity: Natural stone is extremely durable, lasting indefinitely.
  • Minimal Maintenance: Only the mortar may need occasional upkeep after a decade.

Concrete Pavers: Durable with Regular Care

  • Lifespan: Lasts around 50 years with proper maintenance.
  • Upkeep: Requires routine cleaning and resealing to prevent stains and weather damage.
  • Ease of Repair: Cracked pavers are easily replaceable.

Need Assistance Choosing Your Custom Patio Material?

For residents and businesses in Woodstock, Alpharetta, Roswell, and nearby areas, O'Neill Landscape Group offers expert advice and installation of custom patios. Whether you're considering a flagstone patio, flagstone paver patio, or exploring natural stone patio ideas, our professionals can help you make the best choice.

Contact us today at (770) 738-9780 to schedule a consultation and start creating your perfect outdoor space.