We all know that mowing lawns isn't rocket science, however, there are a few common mowing mistakes that your lawn maintenance company could be making. It's important that they follow a certain set of guidelines in order to keep your turf healthy. Some lawn mowing services aren't worth the money and can even cause more harm than good.

We can help you spot whether or not you should consider making a switch in your lawn service provider. The 3 most common mowing mistakes include disregarding the 1/3 rule, mowing in the same pattern each time, and cutting the grass with dull mower blades. Continue reading to learn more about these 3 common mowing mistakes so that you can stay informed and make sure that your lawn service provider isn't causing more harm than good!

1. Disregarding the 1/3 Rule

picture of grass blades

In the lawn maintenance industry, the 1/3 rule should be used as a guide when cutting all lawns. Following this rule means that no more than the top third of your grass blades should be removed at any given mow. The importance of this rule is to keep from cutting too much of your turf at once, which could discourage a healthy growing lawn. For the 1/3 rule to be applied, the lawnmower must be adjusted to support the height of your grass and ensure that only the right amount is mowed down at a time.

2. Failing to Switch up the Mowing Pattern

picture of a lawn mowed in a different pattern

It's not optimal for your grass to be mowed in the same direction every single time. The right lawn professionals understand that switching up the mowing pattern each week plays a major role in taking your turf to the next level. This is because:

  • It will avoid ruts. Lawnmowers are heavy machinery. By guiding the lawnmower over the same areas each time, that grass is being continuously pushed down. If the mowing pattern is not changed each week, this will start to create ruts in your lawn.
  • All of the grass blades get cut. The wheels of a mower are going to push down the blades of grass as it rolls over your turf. Switching up the direction of each mow will target the grass that was pushed down the week before and will evenly cut all of the blades, adding a well-maintained appearance to your lawn.
  • It will encourage consistency in your lawn. When this technique is implemented, you will notice that the look of your grass will be consistent and upright throughout the lawn. You won't need to worry as much about uneven growth patterns, since the blades will begin to be trained to return to their upright position.

3. Cutting Your Grass With Weak Mower Blades

picture of a lawn mower blade being sharpened

Cutting a lawn with dull or weak mower blades causes a lot of problems. The main issue is that doing this will rip your grass and leave it susceptible to disease and insect infestation. Cutting with weak blades is a great way to destroy the progress of your lawn and will ultimately cause poor growth. We recommend making sure that the lawn maintenance company you are using sharpens their mower blades regularly. If not, your lawn will pay the price.

Mower blades should be sharpened each time they are used for about 20-25 hours.

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If you suspect that your lawn mowing company is making one or all of these mistakes, it's probably time to switch companies. We believe that poor lawn maintenance practices should be addressed because your lawn deserves the best care that money can buy.

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