What do garden planting, outdoor seating, and soil erosion all have in common? They all involve using a retaining wall!

Retaining walls are versatile hardscapes that many home and business owners in Woodstock, Roswell, and Alpharetta will incorporate into their landscape design. Each style serves a different purpose, but all of them can add beauty and function to an outdoor living space.

Decorative, seating, and structural retaining walls can be constructed from a variety of materials that can fit any design style. By comparing these three structures, you can better understand which type of retaining wall best serves the needs and function of your landscape.

Structural retaining walls help control soil erosion for unevenly leveled properties.

Structural retaining wall constructed to prevent property erosion in Woodstock, GA.

Probably the most important function of retaining walls is limiting the amount of soil erosion that can occur for properties on unevenly leveled landscapes. Structural retaining walls will normally be installed on a hill or sloped area to help prevent erosion from water runoff and flooding. Redirecting water is a key feature of retaining walls and especially helpful in our area of northern Georgia where we receive a ton of rainfall annually.

Most of the structural retaining walls we built at O'Neill Landscape Group are made using interlocking blocks, concrete pavers, or boulders so the hardscape is sturdy enough to withstand the elements and keep the soil in place. Sometimes, we may require an engineer to be on-site depending on the size and construction process of the retaining wall.

Decorative retaining walls are naturally aesthetic and make great raised planting beds for gardens.

Custom stone retaining wall built around a landscape bed near Alpharetta, Georgia.

For planting bed renovations or property borders, installing a decorative retaining wall is the way to go! These walls are generally built shorter than structural retaining walls since their purpose is more so for overall aesthetics.

Raised flowerbeds help elevate your plants and softscapes, which offers a ton of design and style options for a great property border design! These areas can constantly be replanted with different annual and perennial flowers for year-round color and provide an extra layer of privacy from the roadway.

You'll also find that sky's the limit when designing a decorative retaining wall! Most walls can be built using a variety of materials when compared to a structural or seating wall because they don't have to support a bunch of weight. Some of the most popular choices for decorative walls are flagstone, boulders, concrete blocks, and other natural stones.

Seating walls provide additional seating space around a fire pit or outdoor eating area.

Seating walls installed around a custom fire pit in Roswell, Georgia.

Instead of buying a bunch of cheap folding chairs that will inevitably fall apart and rust, you can install an outdoor seating wall for extra seating space! Seating walls are visually appealing as well as functional and can be constructed to any size or shape. They are extremely sturdy and built to last years without much maintenance.

Concrete paver or stacked stone seating walls provide a beautiful gathering spot around a fire pit and fireplace or outdoor eating area. Their design can either be constructed to match your existing outdoor hardscapes or stand apart as their own unique backyard focal point.

We design elegant, high-quality retaining and seating walls so you don't have to compromise on style or functionality!

The different varieties of retaining walls we can provide you make it so that you aren't forced to compromise on style or function! Our retaining walls are made of the highest quality building materials for a timeless and elegant look.

Here at O'Neill Landscape Group we can design and build any style of structural, decorative, or seating wall you choose that works best with your existing landscape. Our retaining and seating wall installation services are available for residential and commercial properties in Woodstock, Roswell, Alpharetta, and surrounding towns in Michigan. Contact us at (770) 627-5012 to receive a quote today!