A patio makes the perfect addition to any outdoor living space here in Woodstock, GA, since it provides the perfect area for you to enjoy the beautiful weather year-round. When designing your patio, nothing is as important as the paver pattern you choose. Choosing from all the different options can be daunting, which is why we're here to help guide you with four beautiful paver patterns you can use for your new patio. You can choose between a basketweave, herringbone, running bond, or stack bond paver pattern. You can't go wrong with any of these patterns, as it all comes down to your personal preference. Keep reading to see which paver pattern will be perfect for you!

1. Basketweave

You can't go wrong with this classic pattern! The basketweave is popular for patios and other hardscapes because of its simplicity and versatility. Each row and column is composed of alternating vertical and horizontal pavers to create this pattern reminiscent of a woven basket. But the basketweave effect can be achieved in several different ways. You can turn the pavers at a forty-five-degree angle if you want to add a bit of visual interest to this pattern. You can also do what's called a 1:2 basketweave where you only use a singular vertical paver piece instead of two. No matter what type of basketweave pattern you choose for your patio, you can create a mesmerizing design that'll make it stand out!

You can construct your patio using high-quality materials like concrete pavers or flagstones.

2. Herringbone

Herringbone pattern for patio in Woodstock, GA.

The herringbone pattern is another popular choice that has been used for centuries. This classic design has stood the test of time with its mesmerizing zig-zag pattern. Installing pavers this way can be a little more complicated, but the finished result is well worth the effort. The tiles can either be placed at a 90-degree or a 45-degree angle, and they alternate between horizontal and vertical pavers to create that beautiful zig-zag pattern. When it's done, your pavers will resemble the bones of a fish. If you want your patio to pop, go with this unique design!

3. Running Bond

Running bond paver pattern for patio in Acworth, GA.

A running bond is another popular design for you to use on your patio. The design is simple, yet elegant. Your square or rectangular pavers are placed in a linear side-by-side pattern, but every other row is staggered by half its length. This creates a symmetrical pattern where every other row ends up lining up. You can even add some visual flair to this symmetrical pattern by incorporating different color choices.

4. Stack Bond

Stack bond pattern for patio in Alpharetta, GA.

A stack bond pattern is similar to a running bond, except every other row is not staggered by half its length. With this pattern, you can utilize either square or rectangular pavers, and every row lines up to create a completely uniform and symmetrical design. However, you can choose the angle to install these pavers if you want to add a bit of uniqueness to the pattern. Some people choose to go with the diagonal angle and lay the pavers down at a forty-five-degree angle.

Use the same patterns when installing a walkway to your patio to give your outdoor living space a cohesive look!

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