If your property in Georgia often floods after it rains, then there likely isn't proper drainage. These issues can cause severe water damage to its foundation and oversaturate your lawn and landscape, which is better to avoid. Fortunately, there are four options to consider to make flooding a problem of the past, like installing a French drain, dry creek bed, or rain conductor. You can also grade the land on your property, which is especially beneficial if it's flat or slopes towards your home or business. Depending on the severity, you can choose the drainage solution that best suits your needs.

1. Install a French Drain

One option to consider if your property experiences flooding after it rains is to install a French drain. This drainage solution consists of a trench with a perforated pipe and then filled with gravel or rock. You can also keep the rocks exposed or add soil and regrow grass over it to make it inconspicuous. Then, as water filters through and into the pipe, it redirects it away and deposits it in a designated area. French drains are highly effective and will keep water from pooling without being too visible.

2. Invest in a Dry Creek Bed

Another option that can remedy flooding problems on your property is a dry creek bed. Dry creeks beds are a great drainage solution to consider investing in, especially if you want it to double as an aesthetic focal point for your landscape. After all, it involves creating a trench and filling it with varying-sized rocks or boulders to mimic the appearance of a natural creek bed. Then, as it rains, it guides the water along and away from your property! You can also line it with plants and other natural elements to blend it in that much more.

3. Install a Rain Conductor

Installing a rain conductor is a great option you'll want to consider for your property if it often floods after it rains. Also known as downspouts, rain conductors attach to the gutters of your home or business and transfer water away from its foundation. This drainage solution is highly beneficial because it prevents water from collecting at the bottom and causing potential damage.

You can add an extension to your rain conductor to redirect the water even further away from the foundation of your home or business.

4. Grade the Land on Your Property

The last option to consider if your property has flooding issues is to grade the land. Grading involves reshaping the surface by distributing the soil to slope away from the foundation of your home or business rather than toward it. That way, it doesn't gather and cause problems but gets redirected. This process is also beneficial for flat land that becomes easily flooded or to guide water into a drain.

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If your property floods after it rains, you've come to the right place! At O'Neill Landscape Group, we offer a drainage and grading service where our team can install solutions like French drains, dry creek beds, or rain conductors to give water somewhere to go rather than collecting and causing problems. Not only that, but we can also grade the land to slope away from its foundation! We've been remedying flooding issues since 2008, so you can trust that we have the experience to determine which drainage solution is best for your property.

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