If you want to enhance the beauty and functionality of your property in Georgia, then a retaining wall is just what you need! Retaining walls serve many functional purposes, such as preventing soil erosion and turning sloped land into flat, usable space. However, they're also equally stylish! You can build your retaining wall from various materials to suit your aesthetic preferences, and they can even double as a raised planter bed for an eye-catching blend of softscape elements.

How are retaining walls functional?

A custom built stone retaining wall in Milton, GA.

Retaining walls are highly functional, and adding one to your outdoor space will provide many benefits. For example, this feature can help prevent erosion by holding the soil back and keeping it in place. While this natural occurrence happens over time from the wind, rain, and other elements, it does so more rapidly on sloped land, making this especially helpful if you have uneven terrain.

A retaining wall can also aid in turning sloped land on your property into flat, usable space. Rather than struggling to maximize the area, this hardscape will create two leveled surfaces, one at the top and another at the base. As a result, it gives you more room to use in your outside space, where you can install a patio or other features! But wait, its functionality doesn't stop there - your retaining wall can also double as a seating wall, providing durable, built-in places to sit when you host gatherings or spend time with others.

Retaining walls can help with drainage issues on your sloped property and ensure water doesn't pool where it shouldn't.

How are retaining walls stylish?

Wooden retaining wall with multiple raised planter beds built by our team in Acworth, GA.

Not only will adding a retaining wall enhance your property's functionality but beauty, too! Retaining walls can serve as stylish features, and you can design yours to become a focal point of your outdoor space or blend in seamlessly with your existing landscape. To do this, you can choose to build yours from various eye-catching materials to suit your preferences and create your desired aesthetic, with some options being the following:

  • Boulders: Boulders will give your retaining wall a more natural, rustic appearance that blends in with your landscape while also serving as an attractive focal feature.
  • Stacked Stone: Stacked stone can create different looks with your retaining wall depending on your preferences, whether modern and timeless or more traditional and earthy.
  • Modular Materials: Some modular materials perfect for constructing your retaining wall include concrete and wood. Concrete can give it a more simple and subtle aesthetic, while wood can make it more natural-looking to complement your landscape.

Additionally, your retaining wall can serve as a raised planter bed, which is when you install a landscape bed atop it. Adding softscape elements to this feature can create a cohesive, vibrant look. You can also fill it with colorful plants and flowers for a stunning display of life, including hostas, daylilies, purple coneflowers, and black-eyed Susans, among many more!

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