Why Overseeding & Core Aeration Services for Your Lawn Work Best Together

Many people think of aeration and overseeding as separate services to care for or improve their lawns. In reality, the most healthy lawns are often supplemented by combining both efforts. This is because overseeding is directly boosted by the passive benefits aeration creates.

Learn why you should always overseed cool-season lawns after aerating in the fall to improve your lawn in Woodstock, Roswell, or other nearby cities in Georgia.

Fall aeration refreshes the lawn and breaks up compacted soil.

The best time to aerate your lawn is directly before planting new grass seed. For cool-season grass, this should be done during the fall season, which is when the soil is still warm with cooler nights and shorter, more mild, days. These conditions create the perfect environment for new grass to grow.

Core aeration infographic for lawns in the Woodstock, GA area.

By aerating in the fall, you effectively loosen the soil to allow nitrogen, oxygen, and other minerals and nutrients to reach deeper into the roots of the grass. Your lawn will benefit from these nutrients and grow a stronger, more healthy root system.

Furthermore, aeration breaks up compacted soil and makes it easier for the weaker roots of new grass to extend into the soil and strengthen the existing lawn. Grass shoots can more easily poke up through soil that has been properly loosened, as well. Aerating has many benefits for your lawn and should not be overlooked.

Overseeding is More Effective with a Freshly-Aerated Lawn

When you overseed, you provide your lawn with a number of benefits. You encourage the growth of fresh, young grass, which fills in any dead spots or gaps that might have accumulated over heavy traffic or a busy summer. By eliminating dead spots and gaps, overseeding your lawn makes it more difficult for weeds to invade due to reduced resources and a constricted space.

Overseeding a heavy traffic area of a Woodstock, GA lawn.

By aerating your lawn first, you’ll create a fertile environment that your grass seedlings can take advantage of. Since cool-season grass begins to grow during the fall, you’ll experience a lush surge of growth across your entire lawn as the seedlings benefit from the advantages of aeration.

Over time, these new grass shoots will cover up dying or dead grass, push out weeds, and help make your lawn look the best it can. It’s much easier and more effective than starting over year after year.

Interested in a Lush Lawn? Call Us Today to Combine Aeration and Overseeding

Although aerating cool-season lawns directly after aerating in the fall is extremely effective, it’s also time-consuming. You may not have the time or energy to do both yourself. Give us a call at O'Neill Landscape Group and our team of professionals will help your lawn get the fall growth it needs!

While we also have lots of general lawn care experience, we have a specific and effective aeration and overseeding process that adds a small amount of starter fertilizer to the mix. In doing this, we guarantee that your grass has everything it needs to grow through the fall season, strengthening the existing root system and encouraging healthy, new growth.

If you’re interested in hiring a professional company with hundreds of five-star reviews to take care of both aeration and overseeding for your cool-season lawn, give us a call today at (770) 627-5012.