Concrete and asphalt driveways may be the standard, cost-effective option in Woodstock, Roswell, Alpharetta, and surrounding Georgia areas, but with that comes additional problems. These driveways aren't designed to last more than 20-30 years and once damaged, are often not worth the money to fix.

Here are signs that it's time to replace your current asphalt/concrete driveway and upgrade to a paver or stone driveway.


Asphalt requires a lot of maintenance and can easily take on damage from weather, automobiles, and oil. To protect against this damage and prevent cracks, asphalt driveways have to be resealed every 2-3 years. Stone and pavers generally require less maintenance.

If the driveway doesn’t get resealed, the damage will become more extensive and go beyond repair.


Potholes are an everyday problem on the road, and it can happen in your driveway as well. Minor potholes can be repaired, but it is highly likely that they will come back later. These potholes can cause damage to your vehicle, and very large potholes quickly turn into an expensive asphalt repair.

If there are structural issues at the base of the asphalt, repairs become labor and time-intensive, and it may not last, leading to more repairs down the road.


Small cracks are reparable, but larger and deeper cracks are signs that replacement is on the horizon. Cracks in your asphalt driveway are typically caused by water seeping below the surface and expand or contract because due to temperature changes.

Drainage Problems

Uneven or improperly sloped driveways can create cracks and potholes that will weaken your driveway. Pooling water is the most obvious sign that there is a drainage problem.

Drainage problems require either filling in the low spot or digging up the current driveway and installing a new one. We recommend starting from scratch with stone or pavers.

Missing Chunks

Big chunks missing out of the asphalt will expose the inner material to the elements.
To repair these, it will require a professional and it may never look the same. Color and texture may differ, and over time the driveway will start to look like patchwork.

Stone and pavers have many advantages over asphalt.

Stones and pavers are an excellent alternative to asphalt and have several advantages, including:

  • Lifespan
  • Aesthetics
  • Durability

A close up of stone grey and red stone pavers.

Concrete can last up to 30 years and asphalt up to 20, but that’s nothing compared to stone. Stone and pavers can withstand more pressure, and weather is less likely to deteriorate the driveway. In areas like Georgia, where it's hot in the summer and significantly cooler in the winter, asphalt driveways can deteriorate even more quickly than in other areas of the country.

Asphalt and concrete are high maintenance and have a short lifespan. Upgrade to stone or pavers today.

Upgrading to a paver/stone driveway doesn't have to be done once your current driveway is in disrepair. When you see these warning signs, know that your driveway’s life is limited.

If you have a residential or commercial property in Woodstock, Roswell, Alpharetta, or surrounding areas of Georgia, consider upgrading to stone or pavers for lower maintenance, a more attractive finish, and a longer lifespan. Call us today at (770) 627-5012 to get an estimate.