It was our pleasure to serve this Chick-fil-A restaurant in Roswell, a suburb of Fulton County, Georgia. After adding a two-lane drive-through, this Chick-fil-a restaurant in Roswell desperately needed a landscape facelift. Chick-fil-a’s brand is about excellence and our goal is to reflect that through their landscape. Our commercial landscape design services begin with listening to the client and what they want to accomplish in their landscape project. After our initial design consultation, we put together our very best design and landscape install teams to reach the goals and deadlines.

Working diligently for months reviewing plans, we arrived at a final design solution. We provide complete commercial lawn care & property maintenance services, at competitive rates, to commercial properties throughout the Atlanta metropolitan area. And we guarantee your satisfaction, thanks to our service and accountability.

At O’Neill Landscape Group, our mission statement is “Improving lives and landscapes.” We’ve built a successful business, and we want to share our success by giving back to our local community. We believe that our hearts and our proceeds should go to the community first. Here in the Atlanta area, a surprising number of people suffer from hunger. Hundreds of children and adults go to bed hungry every night. We won’t let that stand. We’ve partnered with Forever Fed, a local nonprofit ministry. We will donate both our personal time and our financial resources to end hunger in our local community.

Our team of employees is driven, passionate people with a service-oriented attitude and a genuine love of learning. We’re proud of the value and service ethics our team provides. Our dedication to excellence has brought us many client referrals over the years. Ready to put our team of experienced designers and landscape architects to work in your landscape? Contact us today, (770) 627-5012 for a consultation.