How a Custom Backyard Patio Increases Property Value and Curb Appeal

Do you want to boost the value of your home? Adding a custom backyard patio can not only add value to your property; it can also entice prospective buyers into putting in an offer. When the weather is nice, the backyard patio becomes the home’s outdoor living room. You can host parties, or spend quality time with the family outside. Adding a custom backyard patio to your property will transform a dull, unusable outdoor area into an appealing hub for outdoor entertainment. Whether you’re looking at installing pavers, paving stones, stepping stones, or brick pavers, there are numerous patio designs on the market that will fit any home and budget.

Why should you invest in a custom patio design for your property?

Updating an existing structure is a quick and affordable way to spruce up the home’s exterior. Not only will upgrading a tired old concrete slab with modern designs make the property look nice, but it can also inspire confidence in a potential buyer. If the outside of a home looks well cared for, the inside of the house is likely to match. If you’re looking to sell your home soon, doing a simple patio upgrade with brick or stone pavers is an easy way to get buyers to take a second look and put an offer on the property. But there are a few things you need to be aware of before you embark on a custom patio design project.

If you’re looking to add value to the home, the biggest mistake you can make is adding a patio that doesn’t fit with the overall size and aesthetic of the property. When it comes to getting the best return on investment for your patio installation, taking the home’s existing patio and upgrading it for maximum curb appeal is the best choice. Spending a lot of money on a lavish backyard patio design that doesn’t fit the property or the neighborhood can be a costly mistake. But fortunately, it’s a mistake that’s easy to avoid.

Concrete stamping and adding colors and stains are just two of the ways you can spice up on old concrete slab patio. Concrete stamping adds a visual appeal to the patio by “stamping” it to look like more expensive stone pavers. Brick, flagstone, cobblestone, and slate imitations are all popular concrete stamping designs. On top of the stamping design, you can add a color or a stain to add texture and depth to the patio slab. It’s amazing how a few new shapes and colors can brighten up an old patio slab and give it some modern curb appeal.

What can you do to add curb appeal and value to an existing patio?

If you’re on a strict budget and don’t want to sacrifice on style, adding pavers to your backyard patio is a good option. With pavers, you can customize the designs to fit the surrounding landscaping and property. Brick pavers and stone pavers are attractive options that can match with most architectural designs. Consider adding stepping stones for a charming walkway that leads into the backyard. Pavers can also be updated or moved around if you decide to change the design again or come up with more money in your budget for a higher-end patio design upgrade.

Have more money to invest? You can get pre-poured pavers, and stamp and stain them yourself. There are numerous pre-poured stamping and staining packages on the market for affordable prices. But, you’ll want to do a little bit of homework on how to pour concrete yourself. Pre-pouring and stamping will require a bit more elbow grease than adding simple stone pavers and patio stones, and the finished product is a more permanent custom patio design solution.

If you really want to take your patio design up a notch, O’Neill Landscape Group can help you design and install a custom patio that will fit your needs and budget. A contractor can assist you in choosing colors and patterns that will integrate well with your existing stone, tile, or concrete elements that are already installed on the property. A contractor can also custom design other features for maximum curb appeal, such as fountains, courtyards, or steps. 

Adding a custom patio design to your property is a quick, affordable way to add curb appeal to your home and boost its value. If you’re looking to sell soon or just want a  nice outdoor area to host parties and spend time with friends and family, then consider upgrading your patio space with pavers or a custom patio design from a licensed contractor.