Patio Materials Compared – Find The Best Material For Your Dream Patio!

So you’re thinking about building a new patio. Excellent! A fantastic patio is a great way to add resale value to your home, create an awesome focal point in your backyard and accent your landscaping. Guests, family and friends will all love your new patio – and you will, too.

But, building a patio is a big project and the amount of options you have can be totally overwhelming. Different Styles, Materials and Design – it’s enough to make your head spin.

So we’re here to make things easier for you! In this guide, we’ll go over the basics of the most common materials used for building a new patio to help you decide what’s right for you – and your project.

Find The Best Material For Your Dream Patio!

Find The Best Material For Your Dream Patio!


If you’re building a high-end patio, you’ve probably looked at quite a selection of flagstones. These naturally-quarried stones are heavy and expensive – but are totally beautiful, with natural color variations and dozens of unique styles.

The earthy organic look of a flagstone patio is absolutely gorgeous and well-worth the cost. Properly installed, a flagstone patio will last for years.

However, a flagstone patio with inadequate drainage can be prone to cracking – so make sure that your builder takes drainage needs into account before building a flagstone patio.

Clay Brick

There are few materials more classic and timeless than clay brick. Brick is lightweight, easy to install and can complement just about any landscape or home.

You can choose from dozens of colors and styles including rectangular, rounded or ovular bricks. And while bricks do sometimes crack during wintertime freeze-thaw cycles, individual bricks can be replaced very easily, allowing you to maintain a durable, attractive patio.

Patio Pavers

Patio pavers are made from a combination of ground-up natural stone, clay and concrete. These man made pavers can be purchased in dozens of designs and colors and they’re designed to interlock with each other perfectly – sort of like outdoor tiling.

Pavers are extremely diverse and easy to install and can last for decades, making them one of the most popular patio choices. However, they are prone to “spreading” over time, which can lead to gaps in your patio. To mitigate this, most paver patios are surrounded by a border of pressure-treated lumber, which prevents the pavers from spreading out.

Poured Concrete

Concrete patios are very durable, inexpensive and incredibly customizable. You can have concrete poured into just about any design or style, leading to unlimited patio design options.

The main drawback of a poured concrete patio is that it’s not very natural-looking, so those who want their patio to integrate seamlessly into their landscaping may not be interested in poured concrete.


Gravel is the most inexpensive patio material on the market. Usually, gravel patios are installed over fabric-based landscape liners, which discourage the growth of plants. Compared to other materials, gravel is incredibly durable, offers excellent drainage and can be installed at a minimum of expense.

However, there are drawbacks. You’re not going to want to walk on a gravel patio in your bare feet and gravel doesn’t offer the best support for outdoor furniture.

If you want an inexpensive, low-maintenance patio, gravel is a fine choice, but if you’re willing to spend a bit more money and time on your patio, you’ll likely be happier with a different material.

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