Landscaping For HGTV Flip Or Flop Atlanta – Big Build On The Atlanta Beltline!

HGTV Big money on the ATLANTA Beltline

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At O’Neill Landscape Group, we’re proud to be the primary landscaping team used in the production of Flip or Flop Atlanta, on HGTV! On last night’s episode of the show airing 7/27, we took on one of our biggest projects yet – and the results were totally astonishing! Read on, and see how we helped Ken and Anita Corsini restore an outdated house by the Beltline Trail in Atlanta!

Our Scope Of Work

Our initial scope of work was quite large. When we first arrived at the home, it was clear that it needed serious landscaping help. The home itself was not even visible from the curb – which is a definite problem when renovating a home.HGTV Big money on the ATLANTA Beltline

The original landscaping was incredibly overgrown. There were multiple trees that were taking up space and blocking the view of the home, as well as some trees that were dangerously close to active power lines, and had to be removed.

In addition, the entire landscape was overgrown with ivy. There was very little grass in the area, due to the density of the ivy growing on the ground. This ivy even began climbing the home itself, with vines growing onto the home.

HGTV Big money on the ATLANTA Beltline

In addition, there was quite a bit of trash and a lot of uncleared leaves. We were brought in to take care of this landscape – to remove all the ivy from the ground and clear it for new grass, remove extra trees, clean up the front and backyards, and install a new patio and driveway.

 The Project

We began the project by bringing in a Bobcat to help us remove the ivy and grade the front yard for new soil. We removed all of the vegetation and then added quite a bit of new topsoil, which we graded to prepare for the installation of fescue sod.

HGTV Big money on the ATLANTA Beltline

After this, we turned to the trees. We removed quite a few trees that were blocking the view of the home from the curb, as well as several trees that were growing next to the house and were contacting active power lines.

Once the fescue sod was in place, we augmented the landscaping with high-quality hardwood mulch, and added a variety of small shrubs in contrasting colors.

We also aided in the removal of an outdated carport, and demoed the entire landscape in the front and back of the home. After the removal of the carport, we put in a new, modern concrete driveway, and created a blue-stone patio that connected directly to the driveway, complete with a firepit.

HGTV Big money on the ATLANTA Beltline

Finally, we cleared vegetation in the back of the home to provide a walking path that would connect the home directly to the Atlanta BeltLine trail.

 The Results

The results of this project were fantastic. Our landscaping expertise and the home renovation talents of Ken and Anita Corsini combined for a truly awe-inspiring renovation. Interested in seeing it for yourself? Check out this link to see when it will air on your local HGTV station!

HGTV Big money on the ATLANTA Beltline

By removing the trees and ivy that were encroaching upon the home, we created a much more open and airy front yard. Previously, the home was totally invisible from the curb – and the mass of unkempt vegetation made the front yard feel like a jungle.

The result of our project was a home that was much more visible and open to the surrounding neighborhood. With beautiful fescue sod, pine straw, and dark hardwood mulch around the new driveway, our team created a truly modern layout that emphasized the cozy and comfortable aspects of this Atlanta home.

HGTV Big money on the ATLANTA Beltline

In addition, the modern blue-stone pathway and the patio with an integrated fire pit are fully visible from the street, providing enhanced curb appeal that perfectly accents this lovely Atlanta home.

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