Ground covers are a great addition to any landscape bed. Not only do they improve the landscape bed's appearance, but they also offer numerous other benefits, such as temperature regulation, moisture retention, and weed prevention. Three of the most common ground covers in the Woodstock, GA, area include pine straw, mulch, and rock. While all of them offer similar benefits, they have different impacts on a property's aesthetic and need to be replaced with varying frequencies. Pine straw should be replaced twice a year, while mulch should be replaced once a year. Rock, on the other hand, only needs to be replaced every two years. Continued reading to learn more!

How often should pine straw be replaced?

Pine straw is a very popular ground cover to install in landscape beds at residential, commercial, and HOA properties. It is a beautiful, elegant ground cover that complements the architecture and landscape so prevalent across northern Georgia. Plus, it looks incredibly natural.

Although premium, long-needle pine straw polishes the appearance of your property, it does deteriorate more quickly than other types of ground covers. Therefore, it needs to be replaced more often. Pine straw ground covers should be replaced twice a year to ensure that it never gets too thin. It is ideal to replenish pine straw so that it is fresh at times of the year when your landscape plants are under the most duress, which is usually in the winter and summer.

Pine straw insulates your plants so they are protected from extreme weather conditions.

Mulch should be refreshed annually.

Mulch added to backyard landscape in Vinings, GA.

Mulch is another common ground cover used in landscape beds. It is composed of wood chips and offers many benefits to your landscape beds and plants. Mulch combats soil erosion, helps your soil retain water, prevents weed formation, and regulates soil temperature. It also nourishes your soil as it decomposes.

Mulch comes in many varieties, including hardwood mulch, pine bark mulch, and brown-dyed mulch. No matter what type of mulch you have on your property, it should be refreshed annually. Mulch breaks down over time, so replacing it every year in the spring or fall ensures that it remains thick enough to do its job well.

A layer of mulch should be two to three inches deep so that it helps your landscape beds without preventing access to resources like water and oxygen.

Replace Rock Ground Covers Every Two Years

Rock ground covering for landscape in Woodstock, GA.

Rock ground covers are not as popular in northern Georgia as they are in other places, but that doesn't mean rock won't be a great addition to your property. Rock ground covers are very low-maintenance and accentuate the aesthetic appeal of many homes and businesses. Due to their durability, rock ground covers only need to be replaced every two years. That is because they do not break down like pine straw and mulch ground covers do. Rock ground covers can stand the test of time and provide long-lasting value to your landscape beds.

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