Establishing your new lawn can sound time-consuming and tedious, but it's possible to see immediate results - with sod! Sod is pre-grown grass, meaning you'll have a beautiful, verdant lawn as soon as it's installed. However, it's crucial to take care of your sod to ensure it has the best chance of establishing since it's still weak; to do this, you should follow an ideal watering schedule, starting directly after installation. Deeply watering your sod once the installation is complete will keep the Georgia sun from drying it out, then you'll want to continue hydrating it every day for the first two weeks. While you can reduce the frequency of watering after 3-4 weeks, you should give it a deep watering every time you do to encourage deeper roots. Continue reading to learn more about why watering your sod is vital to its establishment!

You should deeply water your sod directly after installation.

Hand watering sod in Woodstock, GA.

Installing new sod is exciting, especially since you'll instantly have a beautiful, lush green lawn. However, it's also a big day for the new sod, and caring for it begins immediately to help jumpstart root establishment. So, you should deeply water it directly after installation, ensuring it seeps about six inches into the soil. If you wait until the next day to water, the sun could dry it up and damage your newly installed sod.

Some popular sod types in the Woodstock, GA, area include zoysia, bermudagrass, fescue, centipede, and St. Augustine.

You'll Want to Water Your Sod Every Day for the First 2 Weeks After Installation

While sod may look great right after installation, the grass is weak and needs time to establish a deep root system. Because of this, you shouldn't use it like a regular lawn yet, and you'll want to stay off the new sod to avoid stressing it out. Meanwhile, you can encourage its establishment by watering it every day for the first two weeks after installation; keeping it moist will help the roots develop in the soil. Then, you can cut back on the frequency closer to the 14-day mark to ensure the sod can firm up and tolerate some regular use, such as lawn mowing.

You can water your sod less often 3-4 weeks after installation but do so for longer.

Sod installed for backyard in Willow Creek, GA.

You'll want to continue watering your sod 3-4 weeks after installation to keep it properly hydrated, but you can begin doing so less often. Not only will this give it a chance to firm up, but the roots have established enough to where you can cut back on how often you water the sod. However, you should continue deep watering practices, increasing the minutes per watering to help the roots grow deeper and establish quicker. With this ideal watering schedule, your sod will become as strong as a regular lawn.

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