Finally! Spring is here and it's time to add some much-needed color to your lawn with annual flowers. Annuals are popular to plant in both the spring and the fall because they bloom for a few months and then die as the season changes, so there is no need to worry about maintaining these flowers for multiple seasons. You just remove them from your garden and plant new ones!

When choosing what kinds to add, there are so many different factors like their color, what they need to grow, or if they are cold-tolerant for those earlier spring months. Below we list 5 great spring annual flowers to plant in your Woodstock, Georgia landscape. Read about their individual colors and needs to decide which flowers are best for your garden!


A bed of pansies in Roswell, GA.

Pansies are a great addition if you simply just can't wait to plant your new flowers. Pansies are one of a few flowers that are more cold-tolerant than others, meaning that even if the weather isn't fully warmed up yet, they won't die out on you from being too cold.

Pansies come in all sorts of colors. Yellow, gold, orange, purple, and red are all options that you can choose from. They are known for their petals being multiple colors and creating a heart-like shape. When growing pansies, they need full sun with partial shade and loose, well-draining soil. Take care of them throughout the season by always making sure their soil is moist but not soggy.


A bed of zinnias in Alpharetta, GA.

Just like pansies, zinnias also offer quite a few colors including orange, pink, purple, yellow, and red. They have large, daisy-like flowerheads on one single stem, making them a favorite food for butterflies. You want to be careful when you plant these beautiful pops of color because they are not tolerant to cold weather! Make sure it has officially begun to warm up when you think about planting zinnias.

These flowers love full sun exposure so you should plant them in an area that isn't covered by shade. The great news is that they can easily adapt to soil conditions, so they are fairly easy to grow for the beginner. They also don't need much attention to stay healthy - just make sure they are getting enough water and that's it!


A bed of vincas in Woodstock, GA.

Vinca flowers are also known as Madagascar periwinkle because their colors range between white, pink, and mauve. They are more known as hot weather annuals, so plant them once you know the weather has definitely turned after winter! They love the sun but can also survive in partial shade.

Vincas will grow from 6 to 18 inches tall and they have single blooms with 5 petals. These flowers are super convenient to have in your garden because they are drought-tolerant, pest-free, attractive to beautiful butterflies, and they are also rabbit resistant!


A bed of petunias in Alpharetta, GA.

Petunias are popular because they bloom for a long time and offer a bright pop of color in your garden. They can be bright pink, purple, red, white, or yellow. There is a lot of variety with how they can look when they bloom: ruffled or smooth petals; single or double blooms; striped, veined, or solid colors. The list goes on! Some might even have a nice fragrance to them as they bloom.

When growing petunias, they do need full sun. Be sure to plant them in an area that won't be blocked by shade. They can grow anywhere from 6 inches to 24 inches tall and will need weekly watering to make sure that the soil around them stays moist.


A bed of marigolds in Woodstock, GA.

Marigolds are popular because their seeds germinate quickly and bloom for about 8 weeks. Their incredible burst of oranges and yellows makes them the perfect spring addition to your garden.

When growing marigolds, they will want full sun. In times of extreme heat, though, some partial shade will be beneficial. To care for them, water your marigolds at the base of the plant so that the flowerheads won't rot from the excess moisture. Allow the soil to dry a little bit in between waterings, but make sure you are watering regularly in the hotter months.

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