If you own a commercial property, the task of constantly improving it never goes away. Upgrading your commercial establishment not only enhances its aesthetics but also improves customer experience. Some landscape features like fire pits, water features, and patios are great additions to any commercial building because they make your property more enjoyable and useful for customers.

Meanwhile, adding outdoor lights will increase safety on your property for customers and staff alike. As with any other landscape, plants never fail to make the list of features that can improve properties. Find out more about these landscape features and how they can improve your commercial establishment.

Fire pits are a good statement piece that creates warmth.

Whether your commercial establishment is near the beach, somewhere in the woods, or at the heart of the city, adding a fire pit will improve your customers' experience. Fire pits are good focal points on any property because they create warmth and provide your guests with an inviting ambiance for a more comfortable experience on your property.

With appealing materials available to build fire pits, they are also a great statement piece for your property's outdoor space. These fire features are customizable so that you can add multiple fire pits of different sizes throughout your establishment for added depth and dimension.

Fire pits create smoke, a natural bug repellent to make your establishment safe for your customers and guests.

Outdoor lights illuminate your property and improve safety.

Landscape with led outdoor lights near Kennesaw, GA

Safety is always a priority when it comes to your customers. Outdoor lights illuminate your customers' pathways, allowing them to navigate their way around your property conveniently. It also improves their safety by preventing accidents that can happen when you let them walk on dark pathways, like tripping and falling. Adding outdoor lights is helpful for your staff as well and deters burglars from entering your well-lit building.

However, it's also crucial that, as a business owner, you focus on the aesthetics of outdoor lights. It's not enough to just install them wherever is convenient. Expertly installed outdoor lights make your commercial property stand out and be easily recognizable even from a distance by highlighting your building's overall structure.

Make your commercial property more vibrant with colorful plants.

Oneill landscape professionals installing ornamental trees on a commercial property near Acworth, GA.

Just like how plants improve residential homes, they are great additions to your commercial property, too, because of the vibrant color they provide. Buildings are massive and towering structures that may look intimidating from the outside, but adding colorful plants can soften their appearance and make your establishment more welcoming for guests.

Additionally, plants improve the environment around your building. Aside from beautiful plants that improve aesthetics, shade trees are excellent additions because they help improve air quality and regulate temperature outside your establishment. They can also provide shade for your customers, which they will absolutely love in warmer weather.

Add water features like fountains, ponds, streams, and waterfalls.

If you want to upgrade your commercial property, water features should be on your list! Water features beautify the surroundings of your establishment as they effortlessly mimic nature. It's also an excellent way to create a soothing environment if you have tenants on your property. What's great about water features is that you have a lot of choices on what type of feature to add, including:

  • Ponds
  • Streams
  • Waterfalls
  • Pondless waterfalls

Install or renovate your patio to cater to more guests.

Patios are good additions to both residential and commercial properties. However, the advantages of adding or renovating a patio for commercial properties are remarkable as it is an easy way to attract more guests and cater to them conveniently. By installing or upgrading a patio on your building, you provide your customers with a special area to enjoy the outdoors with their friends.

Your customers will undoubtedly love returning to your establishment when it has an aesthetically pleasing outdoor space where they can take pictures! Additionally, a patio is a perfect area where they can marvel at all other upgrades you added to your establishment, like your water features and landscape plants.

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