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Outdoor lighting makes your landscaping come to life at night

Outdoor lighting can transform your home or business and draw attention to some of those beautiful landscaping features you enjoy throughout the day. Outdoor lighting is also practical, such as lighting walking paths and even deterring trespassers and pests.

When it comes to lighting, you have a choice: LED or halogen bulbs. Learn more about which is best for your residential or commercial property in Woodstock, Roswell, Alpharetta, or surrounding areas

LED and halogen bulbs are the two most popular choices for outdoor lighting.

When we start comparing the two systems, we need to look at the following points:

  • Startup costs
  • Energy consumption
  • Lifespan
  • Brightness

Consider startup costs.

One of the first things that probably comes to mind is, "what's it going to cost?" One factor to consider when choosing between halogen and LED lighting is the startup and installation costs. Halogen bulbs simply cost less than LED bulbs. Installing and designing outdoor lighting on your property will likely involve multiple areas with quite a few bulbs, and the LED system will start to add up.

However, cost goes beyond the startup and installation and, therefore, doesn't tell the full story. Let's look at some of the other considerations.

LED bulbs are energy efficient.

Running all of that outdoor lighting has an additional cost beyond the bulbs themselves—energy. LED bulbs are incredibly efficient in terms of energy consumption compared to halogen bulbs.

When we start to look at the numbers it becomes clearer. Light bulbs are measured partially by the wattage consumption. Halogen bulbs range anywhere from 40-70 watts while their LED equivalents range from 8-16 watts on average. LED bulbs consume about 80% less energy than their halogen counterparts.

Looking at long-term costs, the initial price tag for installation starts to pay off because of the lower operation costs in addition to bulb lifespan considerations.

High-powered lights may also aid your home or business' security cameras.

Bulb lifetime is another cost consideration.

When you actually dig deeper into the cost of a lighting system, the inevitable issue of replacing the bulbs comes up. LED bulbs last significantly longer than halogen bulbs. Halogen can last 2,000-4,000 hours while LED can last up to 40,000 hours.

Not only is the longer lifespan and energy saving a cost benefit, but it is also a more eco-friendly choice. Lower energy consumption and less landfill waste can be a major draw.

It's all about lumens.

When we compare LEDs to halogens, another comparison point is lumens, which refers to the brightness of a bulb. LED requires less wattage to produce the same amount of lumens, which is yet another cost-saving measure.

Modern lighting requires modern solutions. Call today to discuss your installation options.

Modern lighting solutions primarily use LEDs. They are more expensive to start up but the long-term costs make it overall less expensive. They are also more energy efficient and brighter. Our team has years of experience designing and installing LED outdoor lighting in Woodstock, Roswell and nearby areas of Georgia. Call us today at (770) 627-5012 to schedule a consultation.