Georgia is home to many beautiful trees that can be used to enhance the landscape of your property. Emerald arborvitae, Leyland cypress, magnolia, and red maple are four trees that thrive in Georgia. These are all beautiful plants that will add to the curb appeal of your property for years to come. Each tree, with its own distinct size and color characteristics, will add something memorable to your property. Continue reading to learn more about these trees to help you determine if any of them will be the right addition to your landscape.

Emerald Arborvitae

A great tree to add to your property in Georgia is the emerald arborvitae tree. This tree is referred to as a "screening tree" because it can be used as a living privacy fence. The foliage of this plant is glossy and bright green, and it has a narrow, pyramidal shape. Emerald arborvitaes are well-known for keeping their leaves all year long, which contributes to their popularity. They can reach a height of 15 feet, which makes them the ideal tree to plant for privacy and to add something distinctive to the landscape of your property. Your property in Georgia is the ideal location to plant this lovely tree because they do well in warmer climates.

Leyland Cypress

The Leyland cypress tree is a fast-growing evergreen that has needle-like leaves. This tree is commonly used as a screening tree to provide privacy but it can also be used as a windbreaker. This tree has flattened sprays of bluish-green needled leaves and develops in a pyramidal shape. If they are not cut back, Leyland cypress trees can reach an astounding height of 60 feet. Although they can also grow in partial shade, they do best in direct sunlight. Planting this tree in the background of the rest of your landscaping is ideal.

Leyland cypress trees are commonly used as Christmas trees.


Magnolia tree installed in Acworth, GA.

The magnolia is one of the most common trees you will see in Georgia. It is a pyramid-shaped tree with glossy, dark-green leaves that grows well in direct sunlight. These trees can be anywhere from 15-80 feet tall, developing into stunning shrubs or enormous trees that become the centerpiece of your landscape. Magnolia trees produce eye-catching white blossoms from May through November. This plant requires little maintenance because it can tolerate well-drained soil and little water. The magnolia tree is a great option if you want to add a beautiful, unique tree to your landscape.

Red Maple

Red maple tree installed in landscape in Holly Springs, GA.

The red maple tree is native to Georgia and can grow in a variety of soil types and climatic conditions. This tree's originally green stems turn bright red and yellow in the fall, giving your landscape stunning fall color. Red maple trees can develop in an oval, rounded, upright, or erect shape as they mature, reaching heights of up to 90 feet.

Install ground covers such as mulch or long-needle pine straw around trees to provide health benefits to them!

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