Many people think of outdoor lighting as a way to illuminate their property at night and spotlight their favorite architectural and landscape features, but landscape and outdoor lighting also add an extra layer of safety to your property.

Learn how you can make your home safer with outdoor and landscape lighting installation in Roswell, Woodstock, Alpharetta, and other nearby areas of northern Georgia.

Walkway lighting makes it safer to navigate your property at night.

While many smartphones come with a light, not everyone who visits your property is going to have a flashlight in their pocket to walk around at night. Visitors and guests will not be as familiar with your yard as you are, and can easily trip or fall on an upturned stone or a stick in their path. Keep in mind--if someone visiting your property were to slip and fall and then prove negligence on your part, they could file a personal injury claim against you.

By installing custom LED outdoor lighting along your walkways, pathways, steps, and driveway, you can mitigate the dangers of slip and fall injuries and make it safer for you and your visitors to navigate your property at night.

Outdoor lighting shows if there are any animals in your yard.

In addition, outdoor lighting can shine a light on any animals that may happen to come into your yard. If you look outside and can see a raccoon in the yard, then you know it probably is not the safest time to let your dog go outside. It is also safer for you to know if there is any animal that could potentially injure you or your guests, helping you and them to be as safe as possible if you are outside.

In our area of Georgia, we often encounter bobcats, raccoons, venomous snakes, and more--outdoor lighting can help avoid unwanted encounters with these.

Well-lit areas may be more likely to deter criminals from breaking into your home.

A home in Woodstock, GA with effective outdoor lighting deterring home break-ins.

If your home is dark without any outdoor lighting, that is prime area for criminals to potentially try to break into your home. A well-lit area means it is much more likely that someone could see them breaking in or they could be caught on camera.

According to LEDs Magazine, a study in New York City found that crime decreased by 39 percent in areas that had sufficient lighting over areas without lighting. By adding an outdoor lighting system to your home and landscape beds, you eliminate darkened corners where criminals could potentially lurk in wait for you to either leave your home or go to bed so they can break into the house.

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