Simple and Effective Edging for your Landscape

You know what brings a lawn together? Metal Edging! For those landscaping projects where you happen to have just a bit of overflow or your materials are running off and mixing with each other or you’ve got pea gravel mixing with your mulch! A simple design and effective way to keep this from happening is to use metal edging in your landscape. Metal edging will help to separate those materials and give you a nice, clean, look.

What are the Benefits and Types of Edging?

A few benefits to having metal edging are its aesthetic appeal on your lawn, a clean separation of materials, your grass stays at bay without creeping onto your pathways and there are edgers that are cost effective and can last a long time. Edgers come as long strips that have overlapping connections and can range in height from 3 to 5 inches. When you go choosing for your edging project, you’ll want to know that there are several types of edging. Steel can hold its shape while pushing back on the eroding earth and ground movement. Since it is tough against maintenance yard tools it can also withstand a car’s tires on a driveway. For that long-lasting look, metal corrodes at a slower pace so steel, aluminum, and cast iron are your best options. Heavy gauge aluminum doesn’t rust, and it’s known as a soft metal. A soft metal isn’t as tough as steel, so it is susceptible to a few dings.

Typical Pricing:

Now for everyone’s favorite topic, pricing! Steel, aluminum, cast iron and even stone are a little more expensive than plastic and bender boards. For a longer look that can withhold its shape, metal is the best option. You’re paying for less maintenance and long-lasting results. Plastic and bender boards are a lot more cost-effective, but they lack the strength of metal edgers, they can get damaged a lot more easily, and even shift out of place.

DIY or Go Pro?

When it comes to installing edgers, you’ll want to make sure that you start by checking your soil, outlining your edging, measuring off your height, and rounding off your edges. When measuring height, remember to take into consideration the height that you want to protrude above the soil. Once your edging is complete, you can then look back and revel in your beautiful landscape. If you’re looking for help on edging design ideas, delivering those edgers, and installing them, then O’Neill Landscape Group has the best design and installation project managers in the Roswell/Woodstock and surrounding cities. So, give us a call today for your free estimate and schedule your walk-about or fill out our online form!


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