4 Reasons Outdoor Cooking Stations in Roswell, GA are Must-Haves For 2017 Patio Installations

Outdoor cooking stations and kitchens are taking the world of patio design by storm, and are certainly the wave of the future when it comes to comprehensive patio remodels.

Alongside the meteoric rise of outdoor cooking stations, the humble fire pit provides a low-tech alternative that is proving to be just as popular in new patio installations.

In this article, we’ll take a look at 4 reasons that outdoor cooking stations and fire pits are must-haves in 2017 if you’re looking at a new patio installation or thinking about a comprehensive patio remodel.

  1. Outdoor Cooking Stations Provide A Natural Gathering Place

When you’re grilling out, everybody congregates around the grill. It’s natural – we love the smell of cooking and to observe the process of food preparation. However, if your patio isn’t built for it, you can miss out on this gathering – for example, if your grill is stuck in a tiny corner of your patio.

Outdoor cooking stations and kitchens avoid this issue, as the patio is built around them. This means that they are large and easy to move through, and usually include a dedicated sitting area that’s nearby, providing a great gathering place for folks on your patio.

  1. Cooking Is Easier With An All-In-One Cooking Station

Running inside and outside to prepare food for a cookout can be a real pain in the neck. All-in-one cooking stations avoid this issue – high end installations include kitchen countertops, built-in refrigeration, ovens, and even running water.

With a great outdoor kitchen, the food preparation process is a breeze – and it can all be done outside, avoiding the need to constantly run inside and outside to get your food ready.

  1. Outdoor Cooking Stations Provide A Massive Increase To Resale Value

Because outdoor cooking stations are so trendy for buyers on today’s home market, they offer a great way in which you can maximize the resale value of your home.

This is because they’re usually considered a luxury feature – and most homes still don’t have them. A smartly implemented outdoor cooking station can provide incredible return-on-investment when you decide to sell – and a wonderful outdoor cooking experience that you can use until you do decide to move.

  1. Fire Pits Provide An Ideal Place For Dessert – S’Mores, Anyone?

We may have talked a lot about outdoor cooking stations, but their low-tech brethren deserve their own time in the spotlight. Fire pits have long been standbys in new patio installations, and the rise in outdoor cooking stations certainly hasn’t hurt their appeal.

After all, you can’t cook s’mores on a grill! Well, you can, but it’s boring – and fire pits are a traditional way to gather everyone together after a great meal, and allow them to cook their own dessert.

Fire pits can also be incorporated with outdoor kitchen stations to provide multiple focal points to your patio – while dinner is served, your guests will collect in your outdoor kitchen, but for post-dinner drinks and dessert, you can move to the cozy, comforting environment of your fire pit and enjoy the rest of your night.

O’Neill Landscape Group – Experts In Fire Pit And Outdoor Cooking Station Design

Whether you’re looking for a fire pit installation, a simple integrated BBQ with a countertop, or a comprehensive outdoor kitchen with running water, power, and refrigeration, O’Neill Landscape Group can help.

Our advanced hardscapers are experts when it comes to designing and implementing outdoor kitchens, using cutting-edge materials and design technology to provide the very best patio for your needs.

If you’re interested in undertaking an outdoor kitchen installation – or just looking to add a fire pit to your existing patio – we’d be happy to discuss the size of your project, pricing, budget, and materials with you.

So schedule a consultation today. See how O’Neill Landscape Group can help you realize your dream of a gorgeous, easy-to-use outdoor cooking station, and elevate your patio to the next level.