Recently, O’Neill Landscapes completed a project in Roswell, GA to replace an old, outdated patio with a brand-new, modern one. The homeowner already had a patio – but it was made of poured concrete, and was quite unsightly.

The existing patio didn’t have much personality or visual appeal. Further, it had cracked and been damaged in multiple areas over the years, leading to a poor visual impression, and an uncomfortable outdoor space.

The scope of our project was to demo this existing cement patio, and create a new, modern one with a firepit, utilizing high-quality paver stones. We chose to use natural-colored pavers for a more organic look.

As you can see from the photos above, the project was very successful. We replaced both the patio and the garden path with high-quality, natural stone pavers. This provided a rustic and authentic look that perfectly accented the color and style of this Roswell, GA home.

We also used contrasting paver blocks to create the fire pit that is the focal point of this patio. As you can see from the “before” pictures, this patio previously lacked any kind of focal point. There were multiple tables and an outdoor stove, but there was no central location where people could gather comfortably.

We were very proud of the results of this project. The new patio looks more natural and organic, and is far more visually appealing. And with the natural focal point of a fire pit, it’s a much more appealing living space.

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