The curb appeal of your home is determined by many factors – and the statement that your landscaping makes is one of the most important factors.

Great landscaping is the best way to accent the natural structural and architectural features of your home. And, in contrast, poor landscaping can cover up the natural beauty of your home.

That’s why O’Neill Landscapes was called in for this project. The homeowner had a large, sharply-angled planting bed directly in front of their entryway. Over time, the bushes that were planted there had grown quite large, and blocked much of the home from view.

We were brought in to remove these bushes, and transform the planting bed into a more horizontal, easily-plantable area, using a retaining wall. Retaining walls are the best way to even out steeply-angled flowerbeds and planting areas. In addition, a retaining wall helps lend visual interest to your landscape.

We removed the large bushes and quite a bit of the dirt from this planting bed. We also removed a large tree and several other plants that were blocking the facade of the home.

Then, using locally-sourced natural stone, we built a retaining wall. The large, chunky stones used are heavyweight and durable, and their contrasting colors add visual interest to the retaining wall.

After we installed the retaining wall, we planted a variety of small shrubs and flowers, as well as a smaller and more manageable tree. The end result is a landscape that perfectly accents the facade of this home – instead of covering it up with excessive growth.

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