This sod installation was quite a challenge. This home resided on a fairly steep piece of property, making the installation process a bit tricky. The previous lawn had been completely overgrown in some areas, with ivy and other invasive species completely supplanting the grass that had been there previously.

We began by using a Bobcat to completely remove all vegetation from the area, exposing the topsoil. We then graded the ground to give it a slightly more gentle curve, in order to minimize soil loss due to erosion.

We then installed a retaining wall around the rear of the house, below the porch. Beyond that retaining wall, we used a high-quality Fescue sod to finish the project. Fescue sod was chosen due to its ability to thrive in warm weather, and for its deep root system, which helps prevent soil erosion on angled surfaces, and allows it to survive through periods of drought.

We finished the project by rolling the sod, and returning after a period of several weeks to ensure proper grass growth.

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