The benefits of Mulching

When it comes to creating a landscape bed like a garden, mulching will dramatically improve the chances of success for your garden, while making it look professional and beautiful. Here is what you need to know about Landscape mulch in Roswell Georgia. Mulch is a layer of materials that is applied to the surface area of your soil. It is usually organic in nature and consists of:

  • Bark chips: Produced from the outer layer of timber trees, sizes of bark chips vary from shredded strands to big coarse blocks. Shredded bark usually looks best but decays much quicker.
  • Wood chips: Most often used beneath trees shrubs and large planting areas, woodchips are considered to be very visually appealing to most. Wood chips are oak and other hardwood tree blends grinded in to 2-3” chunks of wood. These shreds are then mixed with biodegradable colorant for consistency. Undyed chips are left natural wood color.
  • Pine Straw: Pine trees push out new needles every year. The fallen needles are baled in South GA and Florida. Long needle straws are 10-14” in length. Short needle, or slash, is 10” or less. Both have brilliant red color.

There are also other types of mulch like plastic mulch and living mulch. Plastic mulch is a sheet of plastic, covering the ground with holes for your desired plants to grow through. Living mulch, or ground cover, means growing smaller plants underneath your plants, to keep weeds from springing up and give insects, something to snack on other than your plants.

The 5 main reasons people use mulch are as follows:

  1. Mulch maintains an even soil temperature. Changing temperatures in the winter and fall can damage your plants beyond repair. Mulch will make sure that your soil stays frozen when it’s frozen, and thawed when it’s thawed.
  2. Mulch keeps your soil moisture levels even. As you move into the summer months, your soil can become dried out. Mulch will help to keep your moisture levels consistent, even during those hot, dry parts of the year in Georgia.
  3. Mulch blocks weeds. Quality mulch that contains nuggets and chips will block weeds from sprouting up around your plants. Finer types of mulch will do this as well but need to be replaced when they break down.
  4. Protects your plants from mowing. The number one cause of a failed plant is being nicked by a lawnmower or weed whipper. Mulch puts safe distance between your mower and your plants.
  5. Adds organic material to your soil. When mulch decomposes it breaks down into carbon which is a crucial building block for all plants.

If you were wondering if you should Landscape mulch Roswell Georgia, you definitely should. Mulching is the number 1 trick used by gardeners all around the world to keep their landscapes in tip-top shape. When it comes to blocking weeds and keeping your landscape looking spiffy, nothing beats some quality mulch.