Have you noticed water puddles that go away slowly after a pouring rain? If so, your lawn might be having drainage problems that need fixing right away. Standing water on your property is usually caused by slopes on your property. Whether you live in an area with hilly terrain or your home is built on land with unsatisfactory grading, the slopes on your property should be addressed right away if you don't want to jeopardize the foundation of your home.

Practical solutions to improve drainage include regrading and installing drainage solutions such as French drains or a dry creek bed. Sometimes, aeration can also help since this improves your soil's water absorption ability. Keep reading to learn more about the reasons behind water collecting in your yard and the solutions you can apply to improve drainage at your home.

Causes of Standing Water on Your Lawn

If you notice any standing water on your lawn after it rains, it's a reliable sign that your property has poor drainage. The most common cause behind the standing water on your lawn is that your property is on a slope facing the wrong way. Slopes are not much of a problem if they lead the water away from your property and into sewage drains where it is meant to go. But if the slope is directing the water to collect near your home's foundation, then that can be a major issue.

When this happens, you have to take action immediately to avoid degrading the integrity of the ground where your house is situated. Slopes also result in low points on your property. These low points can quickly collect water, leaving you with several muddy puddles after it rains.

Another common reason for standing water is that the soil in your yard is too compact. When this happens, the ground cannot absorb water well, leaving it to sit on top of the ground after soaking rainfall.

Standing water provides mosquitoes with a suitable breeding place. Protect your home from these harmful insects by ensuring your property has no standing water.

Regrading, Installing Drains, & Aeration Are Effective Solutions to Prevent Standing Water

French drain installed in Woodstock, GA.

Don't worry because there are practical solutions to effectively prevent standing water on your lawn. Tackling the root causes of why you have a soggy yard with water puddles after every rain ensures proper drainage on your property. Good drainage consequently means your turf is surviving in an ideal environment and no water will stagnate in your yard. Here are some effective ways to prevent water from collecting in your yard:

  • Regrade your property: Regrading means to level the ground and adjust slopes to fix low spots on your land. Regrading done right should direct run-off towards sewage systems and away from your home. Leveling the soil is a complicated job best left in the hands of professionals who can correctly evaluate the ground and address the issue directly.
  • Install a French drain or a dry creek bed: A French drain is a sloped trench filled with gravel where water can flow towards a safe exit like a storm drain. Meanwhile, a dry creek bed is a natural-looking hardscape involving a shallow trench designed to catch excess water and drain it elsewhere. Both structures improve drainage, but French drains work best for lawns while dry creek beds are better for landscape beds.
  • Aeration solves soil compaction: Lawn aeration involves perforating the soil with tiny holes to loosen up it up and eliminate accumulated thatch. Through aeration, water can penetrate the soil better.

Standing water should be addressed immediately as it can cause extensive issues to your lawn and the foundation of your home. These solutions we have laid out will effectively fix the causes of standing water on your lawn and prevent you from spending too much to solve more damage down the road.

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A soaking rain is suitable for your turf, but it can result in standing water and reveal severe issues, especially if your property is situated on poorly graded land. The best way to prevent water from collecting in your yard is to improve drainage and redirect water away from your home. Don't worry, our team at O'Neill Landscape Group provides drainage and grading services, so you don't have to live at a property with a soggy yard.

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