What A Fall Yard Cleanup Can Do For Your Yard


Fall is a very important time for your yard. It’s a time when you have to clear out the last vestiges of summer growth and begin preparing for the winter. Even in balmy Atlanta, it’s critical to go through a yearly fall yard cleanup, and ensure that your landscaping is prepared for the upcoming cold weather.

Whether you choose to perform your yearly fall yard cleanup yourself, or are interested in hiring O’Neill Landscape Group to do it for you, here are just a few of the benefits of a fall yard cleanup.

Remove Old Leaf Litter (And Newly Fallen Leaves)

If you’ve neglected raking in the past, areas of your property may still have large volumes of old leaf litter – in addition to the leaves that will drop during the season.

Leaf litter isn’t just unsightly. If it builds up, it will kill the underlying grass, as light won’t be able to penetrate the thick layer of leaves. And even small, leaf-ridden areas can damage grass by encouraging fungus/mold growth and preventing photosynthesis.

Removing this leaf litter is the first step towards a healthy lawn.

Dispose Of Sticks, Twigs, Rocks And Other Debris

Fall is the perfect time to dispose of debris in your lawn. Whether it’s pinecones, twigs from a pine tree, rocks that have been swept into your lawn areas by heavy rains, or any other debris, a fall cleanup is the perfect time to remove foreign objects.

This will help you keep your lawn healthy – and ensure that your lawn mower isn’t damaged by unexpected stones or large sticks.

Sweep And Clean Garden Beds

If you plant a large volume of annual flowers and plants, it’s best to sweep and clean out your garden beds each year. You’ll want to remove all of the dead or dying plants, dig out their roots, and ensure that there are no weeds that are taking root in the area.

You may also want to apply some weed killer, and add fertilizer or more topsoil to the dirt to prepare it for next year’s planting.

Get A Compost Pile Started

What should you do with all of the leaf litter, dead flowers and weeds, twigs, and other organic material from your fall cleanup? Start composting, of course! While the bulk of composting won’t be complete until the weather warms back up, a fall yard cleanup is an ideal time to start your own compost pile!
Prepare Your Lawn For Winter And Spring

During your fall yard cleanup, you’ll need to take quite a few steps to prepare your lawn for the winter and spring. You’ll want to:


  • Fertilize
  • Aerate your lawn
  • Remove weeds
  • Fill in bare patches with seeds or lawn repair compound
  • Overseed (if necessary)
  • Begin mowing your lawn at a shorter setting (when temperatures cool down)

With proper care and attention, your lawn will easily survive the cooler weather, and be ready to sprout up with a lush, verdant intensity during the spring!

Proper Fall Yard Cleanups Are Critical For Your Landscaping!

Now that you understand what a fall yard cleanup can do for your yard, you can probably see that it’s quite essential to ensure that your landscaping is able to thrive during the cool winter months.

But if you don’t have the time to clean up your yard yourself, don’t worry! O’Neill Landscape Group is here to help. With professional cleanup and lawncare services, we can handle every aspect of your fall yard cleanup. Contact us today to learn more about our rates, and how we can help you get ready for the winter!