Suitably preparing your warm-season lawn for winter is crucial in setting it up for success in the coming year. Lime treatments can help optimize your soil's pH levels so that your grass can grow richer and lusher. A post-emergent weed control treatment will rid your lawn of any existing weeds so that your grass doesn't have to fight for resources over winter when it's already struggling. Last but certainly not least, mowing your warm-season grass at the correct height is imperative for the prevention of disease and insect infestation, especially important over the cold and wet winters we have in Woodstock, GA. Implementing all these principles will help your lawn successfully navigate its winter dormancy and emerge strong and healthy in spring!

Lime treatments balance your soil’s pH to help discourage weeds.

Lime treatment in hands being poured over lawn in Alpharetta, GA.

If your lawn is struggling to flourish, you may be dealing with soil that is too acidic. Warm-season grasses can tolerate a slightly lower pH than cool-season grasses, but getting that balance right is just as important – that's where lime treatments come in. Lime will help raise the pH to a healthier level for your lawn, making it less acidic and more alkaline. Some weeds love acidic soil, so with the raised pH from the lime, they'll have a harder time overwhelming your grass and will be discouraged from growing. You may also notice that your fertilizers, herbicides, and insecticides seem to be more effective in alkaline soil because acidic soil can inhibit the effectiveness of some treatments. With these benefits in tow, the healthier soil pH balance from a lime treatment results in a richer and lusher lawn for you!

Post-emergent weed control will prevent competition over resources.

An application of post-emergent weed control is an essential part of winter preparation. When your lawn is already struggling to survive winter dormancy and rationing its resources, the last thing you want is for it to have to compete against weeds for nutrients. Unfortunately, when there is competition between grass and weeds, weeds often win out. Many weeds have deep taproots that are highly efficient at sapping nutrients from the soil, and the roots of your grass can fall short in comparison. By scheduling a post-emergent weed control treatment to prevent a weed takeover, your lawn will be free of existing weeds heading into winter so that all the nutrients are available for your grass, as you intended!

Mowing at an optimum height will help prevent disease and insect infestation.

Professional mowing lawn for home front in Woodstock, GA.

Each grass has an optimum height it should be mowed at to help prevent health complications. If you cut your grass blades too short, it's removing blade real estate they need for photosynthesis, which can, in turn, leave you with a weakened lawn susceptible to threats. Similarly, grass that is too long can harbor insect infestations from pests looking for shelter and encourage disease from drooping grass blades that trap moisture. Generally speaking, warm-season grasses will thrive when cut to a height of 1-3 inches. Your lawn maintenance provider can make a specific recommendation taking into account your goals, grass type and variety, soil condition, climate, and more.

Warm-season grasses include bahiagrass, bermudagrass, centipede grass, St. Augustine grass, and zoysia grass.

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