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Professional Mulch Installation in Canton, GA

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Our Mulch Installation Process

Our team at O'Neill Landscape Group follows a thorough process when installing mulch in your landscape beds. Before we ever start applying mulch, we clear leaves and debris from your landscape beds to ensure they are completely cleaned up. We don't want these types of materials sitting beneath a fresh layer of mulch. Once we remove leaves and debris, we apply a two- to three-inch layer of mulch evenly across your landscape beds.

The ideal depth for mulch is two to three inches, providing protection for your landscape beds without suffocating your plants or blocking essential resources from reaching the soil. Once applied, we ensure even distribution and a polished appearance by smoothing out the mulch in your landscape beds.

Types of Mulch We Install

We can install a variety of mulches at residential, commercial, and HOA properties across northern Georgia. While our team is happy to offer guidance, the type of mulch we install in your landscape beds is ultimately up to you. The goal is to lay mulch that complements the aesthetic of your property. Popular mulch types that we install include:

  • Hardwood Mulch
  • Playground Mulch
  • Pine Bark Mulch
  • Shredded Pine Bark Mulch
  • Black Dyed Mulch
  • Brown Dyed Mulch
  • Red Dyed Mulch
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Solo Project or Complete Landscape Upgrade

Unlike some landscape companies, we offer mulch installation as an independent service. That means you do not have to be signed up for one of our other services or programs to have our team install mulch at your property. However, you can always schedule mulch installation as part of a larger landscape renovation project!

Whether you want a simple upgrade or something more extravagant, our team can design your new landscape from scratch and bring your property to life. We can remove and replace existing plants, reshape your landscape beds, and then install a new mulch ground cover as the project's finishing touch. Or, if you really want to transform your property, then we can renovate your landscape beds while also installing a breathtaking outdoor living feature such as a patio, outdoor kitchen, or fire pit.

Do You Need Mulch on Your Property? 

Few things fortify your landscape beds and plants more than mulch. It not only makes a positive visual impact, but it also bolsters their overall health. Mulch prevents weeds, controls soil erosion, and helps to retain moisture, among other benefits. When you hire us to install mulch at your home or business, we follow best practices to ensure your mulch is applied properly so that it helps your landscape beds thrive. Our popular mulches include hardwood mulch, playground mulch, pine bark mulch, and more.

If you want to schedule mulch installation as an independent service, then we can take care of that for you. But if you want to schedule it as part of a larger landscape renovation project, then we can accommodate that request as well. We provide our mulch installation service to homes and businesses in Canton, GA, and nearby cities like Holly Springs and Woodstock. Call us today at (770) 343-5874 to sign up!