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How Do We Aerate Your Lawn?

At O'Neill Landscape Group, we perform core aeration for our clients because it creates the best result for lawns in our area. When you sign up for our core aeration service, one of our lawn care professionals will visit your property and aerate it using a high-caliber core aerator machine. This machine removes thousands of small soil plugs, or cores, from your turf so that key resources such as water, sunlight, and nutrients can reach the roots of your grass and spur healthy growth.

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What to do With Soil Plugs From Core Aeration?

Once we complete your core aeration service, we will leave the soil plugs on your lawn. The plugs are only a few inches long and not too wide. The plugs will typically decompose within a couple of weeks and then deliver nutrients back to your soil when they do. If you want to speed up the decomposition process, you can always mow or rake the cores on your lawn.

When Do We Offer Core Aeration?

We offer our core aeration service in the spring and fall, but the time of year you schedule your service depends on the type of grass you have. If you have a warm-season turf type such as bermudagrass or zoysia grass, then you should schedule our core aeration service in the spring between March and May. If you have a cool-season turf type such as tall fescue, then you should schedule our core aeration service in the fall between September and November. We only want to aerate your grass during its peak growing season so that it reaps the maximum benefits.

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Enhance Your Lawn by Combining Core Aeration with Overseeding

If you have cool-season grass, then we highly recommend pairing your aeration service with another service called overseeding. Overseeding is the process of spreading grass seeds on your lawn to fill in patchy areas and promote new growth. It is best to have this service performed after core aeration because the growing conditions are ideal and allow for maximum seed-to-soil contact.

Ready to Schedule Core Aeration Service?

Do you want to help your lawn become stronger and healthier? If so, then our core aeration service is exactly what you need!

At O'Neill Landscape Group, we specialize in taking care of lawns in northern Georgia. One way we do this is by offering our highly impactful core aeration service. Core aeration loosens compacted soil so that water, sunlight, and nutrients can penetrate the soil more thoroughly and nourish the roots of your grass. This process involves mechanically removing small soil plugs from your turf and then letting them decompose gradually.

We perform core aeration in the spring and fall and suggest scheduling your service based on your turf type. If you have cool-season grass, we also advise signing up for our overseeding service. We proudly serve residential, commercial, and HOA properties in Woodstock, Roswell, Alpharetta, GA, and nearby cities. Call us today at (770) 738-9780 to sign up!