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A professional installing an irrigation system in Mountain Park, GA.

Irrigation Installation in Woodstock, Roswell, Alpharetta, & Nearby Areas

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Irrigation System Installation in Woodstock, GA, & Surrounding Areas Like Roswell and Alpharetta

We install both sprinkler and drip irrigation systems to meet your property's unique needs.

Irrigation systems save you time and make your life easier. Additionally, they ensure that your grass and plants are properly watered. At O'Neill Landscape Group, we install both sprinkler and drip irrigation systems to meet the unique needs of your property, whether it's residential, commercial, or HOA. We can also install smart irrigation systems that utilize real-time data to inform your watering decisions and are controlled remotely through your smartphone. Plus, if your system ever wears down, our team has the knowledge and skill set to perform expert repairs. We offer our irrigation system installation services in Woodstock, GA, and surrounding areas like Roswell and Alpharetta. Call us at (770) 627-5012 to schedule today!

What type of irrigation systems do we install?

Irrigation system watering lawn in Mountain Park, GA.

Every property has its unique irrigation needs. Those needs are determined by the property size, turf type, variety of landscape elements, time of year, and other factors. At O'Neill Landscape Group, we install custom irrigation systems that will meet your property's exact needs. Whether you have a sprawling yard with few landscape beds and plants or a smaller property rife with plant life, we can design an irrigation system that works for you. We are able to install both sprinkler and drip irrigation systems at homes and businesses in the Woodstock, GA area.

Sprinkler systems are the most prevalent irrigation systems found at local properties. If you add one to your home or business, sprinkler heads are installed at various zones throughout a property's lawn and landscape beds and deliver water to the surrounding areas. Drip irrigation systems are not as common but are the perfect fit for certain properties, especially those with lots of plant life in their landscape beds. Drip systems are very targeted and literally "drip" water to a plant's roots to ensure the plant stays well-hydrated.

Drip irrigation systems minimize water usage and won't take a huge toll on your water bill.

We also install smart irrigation systems.

Phone in lawn to show smart irrigation capability in Fair Oaks, GA.

Traditional irrigation systems are usually controlled by a panel on your property. They are relatively simple to use, and our team makes sure you have a firm understanding of how to operate your system post-installation. However, we don't only install traditional irrigation systems. We also install smart irrigation systems that take irrigation to a whole new level. Smart irrigation systems evaluate real-time data, such as soil moisture, and then determine your property's hydration needs based on what it reads. This means you use only the water you need and helps conserve water usage at your home or business. Smart irrigation systems can also be controlled remotely, giving you the power to adjust your watering schedule from your smartphone. As a result, you are able to turn your system on or off even if you are out of town.

Smart irrigation systems help you avoid underwatering or overwatering your property.

We can repair your irrigation system as well.

Not only do we install custom irrigation systems, but we can also repair irrigation systems as well. While our top-notch irrigation systems are highly durable, they will encounter wear and tear just like anything else in life. If that wear and tear prevents your irrigation system from functioning properly, then you can contact us to get it back on track. Common irrigation system issues that we can fix in no time include:

  • Cracked Pipes
  • Broken Sprinkler Heads
  • Faulty Valves & more

Schedule our irrigation system installation service today!

Are you tired of watering your yard by hand? If so, we can make it a thing of the past with our professional irrigation system installation service. Our irrigation systems remove the burden of hand-watering while ensuring your property stays well-hydrated. We have been installing irrigation systems in Woodstock, Roswell, Alpharetta, and nearby communities in Georgia since 2008. Call us today at (770) 627-5012 to get on our schedule.

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