What does it take to create the ideal Woodstock landscape design project? Our team of skilled designers and landscape architects would love to show you just how we do it. Residential or commercial, large or small, O’Neill Landscape group has a long history of satisfied customers that have transformed their outdoor living space with our landscape design services.

Landscape Design Services

How will you live in your outdoor spaces? The landscape design process starts with our landscape design team learning all about you: your wants, your needs, and most of all your vision. By working closely with you we make sure that you get a space that’s beautiful, and a space that works.

If you’re looking for a fun, useful focal point for your backyard our Woodstock landscape design services can create a one of a kind fireplace or firepit. Extend your family time well past sunset or create a perfect entertaining space - or both!

For many of our clients, the patio is another vitally important room of the house. Overwhelmed by options? Don’t worry, our experienced Atlanta landscape designers can help you select the perfect materials. Whether it’s concrete, pavers, stone, or wood, our team will make your home look its best.

Retaining walls look simple but require knowledge, skill, and experience to create a lasting structure. With retaining walls, design matters. Will the wall enhance the space, enlarge the space, or will it make the space less useful? Working with our talented Woodstock landscape design servicesteam will ensure that your retaining wall does everything you need it to.

No landscape design project is complete without plants. Many companies may say that no planting project is too big or small, but do they back that up? Our team has completed projects as small as a simple plant replacement to large scale parkways and other commercial projects. More importantly, we select the best plant material so you can be sure that your landscape will only grow in value over time.

Ready to put our team of experienced designers and landscape architects to work in your landscape? Contact us today for a consultation.

woodstock landscape design rendering

Woodstock landscape design plan