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Why should you use mulch or pine straw?

It’s extremely important to use mulch and pine straw in Woodstock and the surrounding areas for several reasons. Mulch and pinestraw provide several benefits that will reduce maintenance and inputs in your landscape, and add to the health of your landscape plants.

Weed suppression: If you have planting beds with no mulch, or even too thin a layer of mulch, you’re inviting weeds to take root and spread throughout your landscape beds. A thick layer of mulch or pine straw helps to prevent weeds from even getting started.

Water conservation: Past years’ droughts have shown just how important mulch and pinestraw in Woodstock GA really are. Organic mulches help retain moisture in the soil by slowing evaporation, providing a more even and consistent amount of water available to your landscape plants.

Temperature moderation: A layer of mulch can help prevent large swings in soil temperature that are stressful to plants. This is especially valuable in early spring and late fall, when our season is often a mix of warm days punctuated by sudden frosts.

Erosion control: Mulch or pinestraw on its own isn’t enough to hold a steep hillside, but an organic mulch can greatly reduce erosion and soil loss in well-designed planting beds.

Appearance: Let’s be honest, the main reason everyone wants a fresh application of mulch and pinestraw in Woodstock GA is because it looks great! Our talented and experienced landscape crews can’t wait to come to your property, clean your landscape beds, and apply a fresh layer of mulch or pinestraw.

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