Retaining walls serve a variety of functions. A retaining wall can create more usable space in the landscape by leveling out a previously sloping piece of land. A wall can be used to define an area of lawn or patio. If your property has stormwater management issues - erosion, or excessive runoff - a retaining wall could be just the solution you’re looking for. If that’s a part of your project, our expert design team would love to talk with you about our expertise in retaining walls in Woodstock, GA.

Stone retaining walls

Natural stone is a great choice for virtually any landscape. We can construct stone retaining walls in Woodstock, GA and the surrounding areas by using materials that will suit your home. Each type of stone has different colors, different textures, and different characteristics that dictate whether the look is rustic, contemporary, or somewhere in the middle. What’s right for your home? Our talented landscape design team would love to help you find just the right look.

stone retaining walls in woodstock ga

Segmental block retaining walls

Modern technology has led to huge improvements in, of all things, concrete block walls. Today’s materials look great, are made from incredibly strong and durable concrete under controlled manufacturing conditions, and are designed to work as a system. These wall systems can go higher than traditional walls or be installed in situations that previously may have been too difficult for walls. When we come to your property to discuss retaining walls in Woodstock, GA, segmental walls may be a part of that conversation.

segmental retaining walls in woodstock ga

Boulder retaining walls

Large blocks of rough hewn stone never go out of style. While many people think of boulder walls as appropriate for woodland gardens, the project above shows that a boulder retaining wall can be a gorgeous accent in a much more formal landscape.

What type of retaining wall is right for your project? How will the walls integrate with the other elements, creating a beautiful design? Those are questions O’Neill Landscape Group has answered for dozens of clients. Let our experience help you create a landscape that will last for generations - contact us today!

boulder retaining walls in woodstock ga