Everyone loves a beautiful lawn. The question is, do you love your lawn? Sod installation in Woodstock GA isn’t just for newly built homes. Sod will immediately provide you with a lush, attractive carpet of turf after any landscape installation project. What if you already have a lawn that’s less than amazing? Sometimes an existing lawn will show lots of weed, pest, or disease issues, or maybe it just doesn’t look good any more. A lawn like that is a terrific candidate for sod.

As with any other landscape installation, sod installation in Woodstock, GA is all about the preparation. The first thing that we do is remove any existing grass, weeds, and plants. The only thing we want under our sod is topsoil.

Once the surface is cleared we bring in a powerful rototiller. Using this machine, we till to a depth of 4-6”. This breaks up any large clumps and makes it much easier to get a smooth, level lawn surface. The next step for sod installation in Woodstock, GA is to hand grade the lawn area. Our experienced landscape crews rake out the freshly turned soil, removing any rocks and debris as they go.

The next step is to actually lay the sod. We use only the best sod farms in the area, and we schedule our deliveries for as close to the time of installation as possible. Our crews work quickly and efficiently and in just a short while you’ll have a beautiful green lawn! The final step in the sod installation in Woodstock GA process is to water the sod thoroughly and then run a roller over the whole area. The roller ensures good contact between the newly laid sod and the rich topsoil below. It’s important to keep your sod well watered until it establishes a strong root system. In a few weeks you’ll be ready to cut your new lawn for the first time.

If you’d love a beautiful lawn, contact us today to learn more about sod installation in Woodstock, GA. Let O’Neill Landscape Group make your landscape the envy of the neighborhood!

sod installation in woodstock ga


sod installation in woodstock ga