Backyard Makeover with Custom Pool, Patio & Landscaping

Backyard Makeover with Custom Pool, Patio & Landscaping

We Brought the Yard to Life With a Custom Pool, Sun Shelf, Hot Tub, & Waterfall

Pool with raised hot tub and waterfall on a property in Alpharetta, GA.

Our clients had big dreams for their backyard. This included custom designs such as a freeform pool with a sun shelf, an attached hot tub, and a waterfall.

Pools are typically installed in their normal, rectangular shape. We helped our clients mix it up a little by designing and installing a freeform pool. This creative design added to the beauty of their yard while also making room for more amenities such as a fire pit and lounge chairs on their new pool patio.

Another unique feature of this custom pool is its sun shelf. This is a section in the corner of the pool that sits just below the surface of the water. Sun shelves allow you to add lounge chairs that sit right above the water level, making it the ultimate destination for relaxation.

Next, we installed the hot tub right beside the pool. A unique aspect of this amenity was the spillover feature; we suggested that their hot tub be connected to the pool so that it could spill over into it, making a neat waterfall right in their own backyard.

A Patio, Fire Pit, & Stone Steps Were Used to Enhance Our Client's Outdoor Gatherings

An overhead view of a custom pool with hot tub and fire pit on a property in Alpharetta, GA.

The custom patio needed space to hold lounge chairs, a table with chairs, and a fire pit. The patio was made in a freeform shape to match the pool; this allowed us to add more space in the corner for the firepit where more chairs would be needed.

A fire pit is the perfect backyard addition to enhance any outdoor gathering. Placed right next to the pool, this natural stone fire pit fits in perfectly with the rest of the amenities.

Next, we suggested that our clients add stone steps to create natural pathways. These big, stone steps connect the front yard to the back yard and the pool to the rest of the lawn.

Tackling Our Client's Drainage System With a Dry Creek Bed & a French Drain

A dry creek bed with drain installed in the backyard of a home in Alpharetta, GA.

We added a dry creek bed and a french drain to our client's backyard to help drain water to a certain location. Both systems are natural-looking and effective drainage solutions.

Dry creek beds and french drains are meant to mimic a creek - although there is no water in them unless it rains. We added these features to our client's yard to guide rainwater, preventing it from collecting anywhere that it shouldn't.

Establishing a New Lawn Using Mulch, Plants, & Sod

A freshly mulched landscape bed next to a sodded lawn in the backyard of a home in Alpharetta, GA.

We suggested that we add brown mulch to create a barrier between the patio and the rest of the yard as well as other areas of the yard to create a natural look. On top of this mulch, we added assorted plants to add a pop of color.

The finishing touch for this project was replacing the grass that got dug up in the process. In order to make this quick and painless, we suggested that our client use sod instead of seed. Sod is often referred to as an "instant lawn." Instead of waiting a whole season or maybe even multiple seasons for grass to grow, sod is pre-grown and instant grass. This was the perfect way to tie together this project and leave our clients with a beautiful new lawn that they could enjoy right away.

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