Backyard Makeover with Retaining Walls, Flagstone Patio, Dry Creek Bed & More

We Installed Multiple Retaining Walls to Prevent Soil Erosion & Create Usable Yard Space

Our team installing retaining walls by the Randall home in Alpharetta, GA.

Our clients' soil was continuously eroding during every rainfall and they needed a way to stop this from happening. Retaining walls act as barriers that block soil from traveling any further down the hill, so it didn't take our clients long to agree that this was the right drainage solution for them!

One great part about these retaining walls is that they are customizable. Our clients decided that they wanted the new hardscape additions to match the patio and outdoor fireplace that they already had, so our team got to work installing their retaining wall with flagstone pavers. We added a few walls throughout their hill to ensure that we were protecting every spot from soil erosion.

Another great part about retaining walls is that they level out hills, allowing for more design and hardscape opportunities. This was the perfect chance to install a patio at the bottom of the hill to utilize the now usable space while increasing property value.

Next, our crew installed a flagstone patio & walkway.

A newly installed patio, walkway, and retaining wall by the Randall home in Alpharetta, GA.

Our clients already had a main patio that was located at the top of the hill, however, they also wanted to utilize the now flattened space at the bottom of their hill. Our design team suggested adding a small patio here because it is the perfect spot to look out across the wooded area behind their home. Our clients loved this idea because, with it being so separate from the main patio, it created a cozy, intimate spot for a few chairs and a beautiful view.

After the patio installation, we then added a walkway that leads to the new patio from the side of the backyard. Both the patio and the walkway were made out of flagstone to match the rest of the hardscapes.

Dry Creek Beds Direct Rainfall & Prevent Soil Erosion

Retaining walls and drainage newly installed on a sloped backyard in Alpharetta, GA.

Last, but certainly not least, we added an extra layer of protection from soil erosion by installing a dry creek bed. Dry creek beds are shaped like a creek, but instead of being filled with water, they are filled with rocks. You will only see water flow through them when they are doing their main job, which is directing rainwater to flow in a certain direction.

We designed this dry creek bed to begin in a certain spot at the top of the hill. Our clients mentioned that this spot is where rainwater tended to frequently wash away a lot of soil. To combat this, our team made the top of the dry creek bed really wide to catch as much water as possible. Then, as the dry creek bed continues down the hill, it narrows to direct the flow of water without eroding any soil.

Hire Our Team to Redesign Your Sloped Property

From soil erosion to limited usable space, sloped properties can be frustrating. However, solutions such as retaining walls and dry creek beds will solve these issues! Our team at O'Neill Landscape Group has been redesigning sloped properties since 2002. We can help you decide the best option for your lawn, including both functional and decorative hardscapes. If your property is located in or around Woodstock, GA, including Roswell, Alpharetta, or Marietta, give our office a call at (770) 738-9677. We want to help you take your landscape to the next level!