Batting Cage Artificial Turf Installation in Alpharetta, GA

Our team began the installation process by removing the existing surface and grading the ground area.

Preparing a batting cage in Alpharetta, GA for artificial turf installation.

The original grounding for that batting cage consisted of traditional grass which was worn out and patching due to everyday wear and tear. So we extracted the grass, removed the topsoil, then began prepping that area for the next step which included grading. To effectively grade the ground, we used a compact roller to go over the entire surface.

Next, we laid down the base and leveled it with a runner.

Leveling the base work for an artificial turf installation at a batting cage in Alpharetta, GA.

Once we evened the ground, we began to lay the base that would exist under the artificial turf. To create the base, we crushed 89 stones using an industrial crusher machine. We then laid the stone base and added sand on top of the stone so that the base would remain firm. Lastly, we ran the compact roller over the area to make sure the stone base was evenly distributed.

Then, we installed the underlay and artificial turf.

Artificial turf installed for a batting cage in Alpharetta, Georgia.

Before the crew laid down the actual turf, we put down an underlay that would help with drainage and cooling down the turf. Then, we begin rolling out the artificial turf, careful not to drag it to avoid damage. In order to make the turf look as natural as possible, we made sure each turf section faced the same way so that the turfgrass would all be going in the same direction. We had to let the grass settle for about 3 hours to keep the turf from wrinkling or creasing. Once the grass settled, our team used high-quality adhesive to join the turf segments together and weighed them down with heavy materials until the adhesive dried.

Lastly, we added the finishing touches to give the turf a more refined look.

When the settling process was complete, we noticed that some of the segments were overlaying so we used an industrial knife to trim the excess turf. Once the turf was completely even and straight, we pinned it down with flat-headed galvanized nails so that it permanently stays in place and doesn't shift. Because the segments of turf had been compressed and rolled for an extensive amount of time, the turfgrass was pretty flat. So, we brushed the grass upright to make it look more lively.

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