Custom Courtyard Patio & Walkway in Alpharetta, GA

Our design and installation process included a 3D rendering.

3D concept rendering of a stone patio and walkway surrounded by plantings in Alpharetta, GA.

The very first step of the process was to sit down with our clients and discuss where they wanted everything to go and what materials to use. They were focused on creating a natural look, so we collaborated and discussed the materials, plants, and placement of everything that would achieve the outcome they were looking for.

After we came to an agreement on the plan, we created a 3D rendering. These 3D designs ensure that everyone is on the same page with the project. Our clients were able to see what their fully completed project was going to look like and add necessary adjustments to the project. After they sent their approval, our team got to work on the installation.

We used natural stone pavers for the patio and walkway installation.

A patio and walkway built out of natural stone pavers in Alpharetta, GA.

With years of experience in custom patio and walkway designs, we know a thing or two about the correct materials to match the desired outcome. Our clients wanted a natural look for their courtyard so we decided on stone pavers. Aside from the natural look of stone pavers, our clients also loved their added benefits:

  • Stone pavers are durable and require little maintenance. To clean them, they only need a little bit of sweeping and rinsing.
  • Stone pavers provide added property value. Since they last for years, it will increase your property value if it ever comes time to sell.

Before we began the patio and walkway installation, we had to remove all of the pine straw that was covering the courtyard. After this was done, our team installed the natural stone patio and walkway. The patio created a great space for our clients to add a grill and the walkway created a nice pathway leading out to the driveway.

We used hand-picked plants for the landscape renovation.

Our landscapers planting trees and shrubs alongside a paved walkway in Alpharetta, GA.

After we installed the patio and walkway, we focused on the landscape renovation. There were still large empty spaces along the sides of both the patio and the walkway - this offered a great space to add a pop of color. Our landscape renovation services include the highest quality plants. Some of the plants that we hand-picked for the courtyard included:

  • Hostas
  • Emerald Arborvitae
  • Creeping Jenny

We deliberately chose to add these types of plants because they are proven to grow well in the Alpharetta, Georgia area. This means that they are more eco-friendly than other choices and they require fewer resources and less maintenance.

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