Patio & Fire Pit Installation in Alpharetta, GA

We matched the fire pit to the patio to create a uniform backyard.

The first and largest part of the Mell family project was the patio and fire pit installation. Their original backyard had a large area of grass with some plain concrete slabs made into a walkway that led to a tiny square patio. This patio only held enough space for a four-person table and a grill. The Mell family decided that they wanted a larger space to host more people in their outdoor living area.

The patio

The Mell family's previous patio and walkway before renovation in Alpharetta, GA.

Since they had a decent-sized backyard to work with, they could add a larger patio without having to sacrifice all of their grass. Instead of choosing a square shape like their old patio, the Mells chose to use a freeform design. This shape not only created a beautiful, non-traditional patio, but it also allowed us to include more hardscape space where the fire pit was going to be installed. This meant more room for chairs around the fire!

As for materials, they stuck with concrete but they updated it from plain slabs to multi-colored pavers. They chose a mix between brown and grey pavers which drastically modernized their patio while also keeping it natural and blended into the rest of their backyard.

The fire pit

Newly installed patio and fire pit in the Mell Family's backyard in Alpharetta, GA.

The Mell's wanted to improve their time spent outdoors by adding a fire pit. Not only did this addition make their time outdoors more enjoyable, but it also increased their property value and ROI. Outdoor fire pits are a popular amenity and will serve them well if they decide to sell their home.

When picking out the materials to use for the fire pit, we suggested matching it directly to the patio. This meant that we used the same concrete pavers to create a uniform feel throughout the backyard. This helped complement the natural and blended feel that our clients were going for.

We used sod to replenish the Mell family lawn.

Sod is very popular for our installation projects. Sod is pre-grown grass that comes in rolls so the installation is as quick as rolling it out onto the recently dug-up soil, making it live up to its nickname of "instant lawn." The other option for replenishing grass is waiting for individual seeds to germinate and grow a lush lawn.

Sod installation was the better choice for the Mell Family because they didn't want to wait for grass seeds to grow and they also didn't want to have to maintain their lawn so rigorously. Although they still had to water it on a schedule in the beginning stages, they found this option much less labor-intensive with faster results.

The finishing touches included rock installation and a raised wood divider.

Newly installed patio and fire pit in the Mell Family's backyard in Alpharetta, GA.

The second to last part of this backyard makeover was rock installation. Because the yard extended over to the side of the house, we suggested to the Mells that they add rock instead of more sod. The purpose of this was to limit the amount of yard work in the future. Since there will no longer be grass on the side yard, they won't have to worry about mowing and maintaining that area. Rock installation ensures that their side yard will look the same year-round with no maintenance.

The finishing touch to this backyard project was a raised wood divider. This was installed to break up the patio, sod, and rocks. The side yard began to slightly slope downwards when it reached the sod. To prevent any hilly areas, we added this raised wood divider to keep the sod and patio flush with each other while completely separating the rocks in the side yard.

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