Sloped Backyard Transformation in Roswell, GA

We created a 3D design rendering for the most accurate depiction of the finished product.

A 3D concept rendering of a sloped backyard with retaining walls, flower bushes, and a patio with a firepit.

The first and most important step in this process was the initial consultation and design. With a project this large, we need to make sure that both our crew and our clients are on the same page moving forward with the landscape prep and installation. In order to do this, we first met our clients out at their home in Rosewell to get a better look at the slope of the yard and what needed to be done. After this, our crew went back to the office to create a 3D design rendering to give the Robertson's the best idea of what the finished product would look like. After they signed off on this and gave us the go-ahead, our crew then got to work on prepping their yard for the installation.

New Steps & Retaining Wall Installation

Steps and retaining walls under construction by a home in Roswell, GA.

We took the Robertson's backyard down to the bare dirt. We removed everything, including their existing grass, to start with a clean slate. The first hardscapes that we installed were the steps and the retaining wall. Their steps are made out of Siloam stone and lead all the way from the bottom of the slope, up to the top, and leading to the driveway up above.

For their retaining walls, we used natural stone to match their stone steps. We installed three different walls to cover the slope of the hill. These walls were a great way for us to address the soil erosion problem of the large hill. We wanted to ensure that the Robertsons are safe moving forward from rainfall causing any soil runoff. Not only did these retaining walls offer protection from soil erosion, but they also added statement pieces to the slope and looked great!

The patio and fire pit offer great spaces for family and friends to gather.

A loose rock patio with a fire pit newly built by a home in Roswell, GA.

After the steps and retaining walls were installed, we moved onto the crushed rock patio and the fire pit. Our clients didn't want your typical, smooth stone patio. We suggested using crushed stones instead and our clients loved how natural it looked on the 3D rendering. In the middle of this patio, we installed the fire pit using light-colored stone and pavers to match the other hardscapes on the property. The Robertsons now had a cozy place to hang out with friends and family while listening to the sounds of crackling wood!

Adding Color to the Landscape

A series of shrubs planted along the retaining walls on a sloped backyard in Roswell, GA.

While the rest of the backyard transformation was focused on adding neutral and natural-looking colors, the Robertsons wanted to add a little more color to their landscape beds. To do this, we then added many shrubs with a variety of colors. Our clients love the pops of blues, pinks, purples, and whites that now fill up their hill. Our team hand-selected these shrub options to ensure that the Robertsons were getting the highest quality and lowest maintenance options. They can now enjoy their new fire pit surrounded by beautiful colors!

Adding the Finishing Touches with Pine Straw

Sloped backyard with retaining walls and pine straw in Roswell, GA.

We used our long-needle pine straw to fill in the landscape beds that were added throughout the property. This pine straw added protection for the plants by keeping the soil moist and preventing weeds from growing in their landscape beds. Pine straw also helps with soil erosion, giving the new retaining walls a little extra help. Lastly, the Robertsons chose to use pine straw because it breaks down slower than regular mulch.

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