Sod Installation & Landscape Cleanup in Woodstock, GA

The Beginning Stages of the Landscape Design

At O'Neill Landscape Group, we always start with a thorough consultation. Our crew met the Simons at their home to get a better idea of the backyard and what needed to be done. After speaking with the Simons about their vision and expectations for the project, our crew headed back to the office to create a design rendering. This design showed our clients what their landscape would look like once everything was finished. After signing off on the design rendering, we could finally get to work on transforming their backyard!

We Created a Clean Slate with the Landscape Cleanup

A backyard cleared out and ready to be renovated in Woodstock, GA.

First thing's first - we had to remove all of the dead, overgrown vegetation from the lawn. Their plants and shrubs had become so overgrown that they could no longer see the babbling creek at the bottom of their yard. All of the debris and dead leaves were covering the lawn and preventing water, sunlight, and nutrients from reaching their grass roots. In turn, their grass had become brown and weak. To combat this, we used our cleanup services to remove all of the debris, dead leaves, and dead shrubs. This made a clean slate for the new additions! From there, we could install bright green and healthy life onto their landscape.

Installing an "Instant Lawn" with Sod

A large lawn with fresh green sod installed in Woodstock, GA.

Because all of the debris and dead vegetation had harmed their grass health, we suggested that the Simons start over and grow a new lawn with sod installation. Sod is pre-grown grass that comes in rolls and is often referred to as an "instant lawn." The Simons were happy with the idea of not having to wait for individual seeds to germinate, so our crew got to work. First, we raked up the existing lawn to loosen the soil and get rid of any buried rock. Then, we brought in the large rolls of sod and began rolling them out onto the lawn. After everything was in its place, we checked for any gaps between the rows and filled them in with additional sod. Lastly, we took a large roller and pressed the sod down. This step helps the sod take root into the soil. After we were finished, their lawn was full of bright, green grass! The Simons no longer had to look out into their backyard and see brown, wilted grass blades.

Pine Straw Offers Soil Protection & Weed Prevention

A backyard covered in sod and landscape beds topped with pine straw in Woodstock, GA.

The final touches of this backyard makeover included tree plantings and pine straw installation. All along their yard, the Simons had beautiful, large trees that offered shade and privacy. To fill in their landscape a little bit and to match the forest of trees that surrounded them, our crew planted two mini trees with bright, green leaves in the middle of their backyard.

There needed to be some way to keep the tree roots and surrounding soil insulated and moist while also protecting the area from weeds. We suggested adding pine straw as a low-maintenance option so that the Simons won't have to worry about it blowing around and looking a little messy as time goes on, as regular mulch usually does. We also lined the backyard with more sod. This not only offered extra soil protection and weed prevention, but it created a natural-looking border to their landscape.

Like what you see? Call us!

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