Lawn Care & Landscaping Projects 

In Woodstock, Roswell, Alpharetta & More

Commercial Landscape Renovation in Sandy Springs, GA

Our clients in Sandy Springs, GA contacted us to help them with a commercial landscape renovation project. They owned a large commercial building that was beautiful, but the landscaping that surrounded it was overgrown, unkempt, and in serious need of attention. When they finally decided that it was time to bring their property back to life, they picked up the phone and gave us a call.

Before we got started with the project, we sat down with our clients to listen to their goals and come up with solutions that would work. We decided that we would need to clean up their landscape beds to remove debris and get rid of overgrown and unsightly grass and plants. Then, we would add a variety of plants to increase their curb appeal. And finally, we would replenish the soil and fill them with pine straw to give them a nice clean look as well as provide the plants with additional health benefits. They also wanted to refresh the lawn that ran along the road at the entrance of their property, so we came up with a plan to tackle that issue as well.

Pool Installation & Landscape Renovation for the Rossi Family

The Rossi family wanted to transform their backyard into a beautiful outdoor oasis. Our team at O'Neill Landscape Group helped them turn their dreams into reality. We worked closely with our client to design and install a custom gunite pool and spa, breathtaking stone deck, and stunning landscape beds that completely overhauled their property. To complete the project, we also added stone steps and a walkway connecting the front yard to the pool deck. What was once a plain swath of grass is now a luxurious outdoor retreat that can be enjoyed for years to come. Continue reading to learn more about this incredible renovation in Roswell, GA.

Immaculate Front Yard Makeover in Woodstock, GA

Having a large front yard allows for maximum creativity when creating a new landscape design. This is what we told our clients in Woodstock when they came to us and explained that they were ready for a complete lawn makeover. Their lawn contained irreversible damage that stunted grass growth and made it impossible for it to ever obtain that emerald green color that healthy lawns have. They were tired of trying different lawn treatments and frustrated with no results so we recommended an "instant lawn" as their solution. The term "instant lawn" refers to a sod installation in which rolls of grass are laid out on bare soil, eliminating the need to wait for the grass to grow on its own.

Georgia is a very hilly state and their home sat on a deep slope that made it difficult to house plants on the landscape. Our team decided we could fix that issue by building a raised planter bed out of a stacked stone retaining wall to hold the plants as well as stop soil erosion. We added contrasting black mulch throughout all of the landscape beds and installed new plants to add the finishing touches to their landscape.

Sod Installation & Landscape Cleanup in Woodstock, GA

Our clients in Woodstock, GA contacted our company to help them with a complete backyard makeover. The Simon family moved into a beautiful home with a large backyard, but the backyard was full of debris, overgrown vegetation, and dead grass after years of not being maintained. They decided that it was finally time to be able to enjoy their backyard for its incredible size, and that is when they picked up the phone and called our team!

The majority of this project included landscape cleanup. Before we could do anything, we had to remove all of the debris and overgrown vegetation to bring this backyard back to a clean slate and ready for new additions. We then installed sod and topped off the project with some new trees and pine straw installation. Continue reading to learn more about the details of the Simon family backyard makeover and maybe even spark some ideas for your own home!

Backyard Makeover with Retaining Walls, Flagstone Patio, Dry Creek Bed & More

Our clients in Alpharetta, Georgia wanted a total backyard makeover to transform their sloped yard into more usable space. They were also battling some drainage issues at the time, so we needed to find solutions for them that would tackle both problems. Our team was up to the challenge!

It was a no-brainer for us to suggest using retaining walls for this project. These walls are designed to help stop soil erosion while also leveling out a sloped property. In addition to the retaining walls, we also installed a dry creek bed, a flagstone patio, and a flagstone walkway. Continue reading to learn more about this backyard makeover in Alpharetta, Georgia.

Pergola & Retaining Wall Installation in Marietta, GA

The Sorensen's backyard had a great patio with room for dining and lounging, but there was just one problem. The patio received too much of the summer sun and didn't offer any privacy from their neighbors. They wanted to add some sort of covering to limit the amount of sun exposure but not get rid of it completely. Our design team suggested that a pergola would be perfect for their needs.

In addition to the need for sun protection and privacy, the Sorensen's also needed to solve their soil erosion issue. Their home is situated on a hill, meaning that the frequent rainfall in Marietta was quickly eroding their soil and they needed a way to stop it. A retaining wall not only helped slow soil erosion, but it also added a great design aspect that added property value.

Patio & Fire Pit Installation in Alpharetta, GA

Your backyard is meant to be a place of rest and relaxation. Adding amenities such as a fire pit and a patio makes for a great place to spend your weekends. We helped the Mell family transform their backyard into the perfect spot to host bonfires and barbeques. This project included a paver patio, a matching fire pit, sod and rock installation, and a raised wood divider.

Our specialists walked the Mell family through this transformation from start to finish. Read on below to learn more about our custom design and installation process and to get inspiration for your own property in Woodstock, Roswell, Alpharetta, and other surrounding areas in Northern Georgia.

Sloped Backyard Transformation in Roswell, GA

The Robertson's home has a large backyard that is situated on a slope. It can be hard to know what additions to add to such a sloped hill, which is why they called in our team for help. They wanted to remove all of the dead vegetation from their lawn and add in amenities that offered opportunities for more enjoyable time spent in their yard.

Through the design process, we decided that it was a must to add retaining walls for not only design purposes, but functionality purposes as well. We replaced their steps, added a crushed rock patio with a fire pit, installed beautiful plantings for some color, and topped it off with some pine straw. Continue reading to learn more about this backyard makeover project in Roswell!

Backyard Makeover with Custom Pool, Patio & Landscaping

At O'Neill Landscape Group, everything we do is to improve the lives and landscapes of our customers. That is why we were thrilled to receive this backyard makeover project in Alpharetta, Georgia. We transformed our client's backyard into a relaxation oasis by adding a custom pool, patio, dry creek bed, and so much more. Our client ended up with a yard that not only allowed for more space for their family gatherings but also drastically improved their property value.

This project was a huge one, but we stood with our clients every step of the way to ensure that they got the results they were looking for. Check out pictures from this project to see how we can help you transform your property in Woodstock, Roswell, Alpharetta, or any of the nearby Georgia cities in Cherokee County.

Custom Courtyard Patio & Walkway in Alpharetta, GA

Custom landscape makeovers are exciting and offer lots of opportunities for creativity. Adding hardscapes like patios or softscapes such as plants can drastically improve your outdoor living area and make you never want to leave home.

Our clients in Alpharetta, Georgia contacted us looking for a complete custom makeover for their property. At the time, they had a large open courtyard full of pine straw and lots of room for additions. They told us that they wanted to add a custom patio and walkway that would connect the side of their house to the driveway. Along with this, they also wanted to add small trees and plants to balance the softscapes and hardscapes.

We walked our clients through every step of the way with their custom courtyard makeover - from the collaboration and 3D rendering all the way to the finished product. Below is more information about the steps we took to design and install this custom patio and walkway.

Batting Cage Artificial Turf Installation in Alpharetta, GA

The coaches of this Milton private school came to us frustrated because of the frequent maintenance and uneven grounding in their players' batting cage. When we heard this, we came up with the perfect alternative for their current lawn, artificial turf! It's much easier to maintain compared to traditional grass or sod, making it the ideal solution for schools and sports complexes. The best part is that it feels natural enough for players to practice on while still being highly durable and resilient for the constant foot traffic.

This installation process is super important because an uneven base or improperly installed turf can affect the entire feel under a player's feet. This in turn negatively impacts player practices considering how many hours a week baseball players spend in batting cages perfecting their skill. Needless to say, the players of this Milton private school wanted to put their best foot forward in baseball games, so we transformed this school's dilapidated practice area into a premium batting cage.

Custom Landscape Design with Dry Creek Bed in Marietta, GA

Every outdoor landscape design is different than the one before. Regardless of size, every property has a unique layout that can be enhanced upon with the addition of certain softscape and hardscape elements.

That's why our landscape design and installs at O'Neill Landscape Group are second to none! We survey your property to see how we can bring out the best features of your property. Our team is with you 100% of the way from start to finish to create an outdoor area you'll never get tired of seeing.