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Trimming and pruning services for properties in and around Roswell, Woodstock, and Alpharetta, GA.

In addition to shrubs and hedges, we can also trim small trees on your property.

We offer trimming and pruning services to residential and commercial property owners in Roswell, Woodstock, and Alpharetta, GA, as well as other areas in or nearby Cherokee County. In addition to shrubs and hedges, our landscaping company can also trim small trees that are 15 feet or shorter.

Learn more about how our trimming and pruning schedule works and how it can benefit your residential or commercial property.

What Does Our Trimming & Pruning Schedule Look Like?

Shrubs, small, trees, and bushes trimmed by our team at a home in Roswell.

We have developed a tried-and-true trimming and pruning schedule for landscapes in Woodstock and other cities in the Cobb County area. Trimming and pruning services are always included in our 12-month maintenance program, and they are performed on a seasonal basis.

Here's an overview of what you can expect when you recruit our landscaping company to care for your property's hedges and shrubs:

  • January and February: We focus on dormancy pruning your property's softscape during the first two months of the year. This means that we prune shrubs like butterfly bushes and crape myrtles when they are not actively growing. By performing dormancy pruning, we prevent the spread of plant diseases, allow for increased sunlight penetration, and encourage healthy overall growth.
  • March: If your landscape's shrubs show growth and demonstrate the need for trimming and pruning, we will perform these services in March.
  • April-October: We will trim and prune your shrubs and hedges as needed from April to October. During the growing season, we perform our trimming and pruning services at least once a month.
  • November and December: We will continue to trim and prune your shrubs and hedges on an as-needed basis.

We can also trim small trees on your landscape that are 15 feet or shorter.

A residential property in Woodstock that our team trimmed their trees, hedges, and shrubs.

While we primarily focus on hedges and shrubs, our landscaping company can also trim small trees on your landscape that are 15 feet or shorter. Our team is trained to make precise cuts on your trees' branches. This way, they won't fall dangerously onto your landscape or surrounding structures.

We also work to preserve the long-term health of your trees through our trimming services. Because all of our tree care experts have received the proper training, we never partake in harmful practices like topping.

Our trimming team considers the species of your landscape's trees, time of year, and other factors to make environmentally-conscious cuts.

Do you require trimming and pruning services for your property's hedges, shrubs, and trees? Get in touch with us today.

If you need trimming and pruning services for your property's hedges, shrubs, and trees, our landscaping company can help. Not only will we keep these plants looking manicured, but we will also help them reach their full growth potential. Get in touch with our expert team today by calling (770) 627-5012. Our trimming and pruning services are available to both residential and commercial properties in Alpharetta, Woodstock, Roswell, and nearby cities in Cherokee County.

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