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Beautify Your Home or Business with Our Water Features in Woodstock, GA and Surrounding Areas!

Custom Water Features for Your Backyard

Enhance the natural beauty of your outdoor space with a custom water feature designed and installed by our team. We'll install a pond, waterfall, fountain, or any of our other water elements to blend seamlessly with your existing landscape. We can also start from scratch and create an entirely new design that's personalized to your style.

Transform Your Property with a Custom Water Feature for a Relaxing and Soothing Ambiance

Want to take a quick tropical vacation for free? Having a landscape with a custom water feature can give you just that! Stress and tension simply melt away when you have an outdoor fountain, waterfall, or stream cascading through your property.

Pick From a Variety of Water Features

We believe everybody should have the chance to experience the relaxing element an outdoor water feature can bring to a residential or commercial property. Our company offers both custom and kit installation, so we can always find a solution that works for you.

Water features our team can design and install on your property!

  • Ponds - You can't go wrong with installing a backyard pond! The serenity and soothing atmosphere created by ponds offer the perfect escape to unwind after a long day. Garden ponds can be adjourned with water lilies and surrounded with similar plants and fauna to add to the natural illusion. It will be like plucking a real piece of nature and placing it in your backyard!
  • Fountains - Water fountains might be looked at on a grander scale than other water features by most, but our team can design a fountain of any size or shape! The design possibilities are virtually endless. Fountains are often used as the focal point for many different landscapes and gardens.
  • Waterfalls - If you're lucky enough to have enough outdoor living space, you will never be disappointed by adding a custom waterfall. What better way to upgrade your landscape than by having it look like a national forest? No one can beat enjoying their own private waterfall while listening to the water dance down the rocky path. Now every outdoor party can feel like a tropical getaway!
  • Bubbler - Those looking for a smaller, yet unique, water feature should consider installing a bubbler. Bubbling rocks are made using a large boulder that is vertically drilled to allow streams of water to flow out through the top and cascade down the sides. It's like having multiple mini water volcanoes in your backyard! Bubblers are an ideal choice if you have a smaller outdoor space, but still want to enjoy the ambiance of a landscape water feature.
  • Streams - Properties built on a slope or slight incline are the perfect candidates for a natural stream water feature. Streams are found rushing through mountains, valleys, and now, your backyard! They offer a ton of versatility and can be customized to any size so they blend in naturally with the surrounding area. Take some extra time to research real streams and their flow pattern to get some general ideas for the initial design.
  • Pondless Waterfalls - A pondless waterfall offers all the beauty and peace of a regular waterfall without the standing body of water. That's why they are so popular among families with small children and pets. Pondless waterfalls are much smaller than traditional waterfalls and continually re-circulates the same water collected in a reservoir. The water is then pumped back up to create the waterfall effect!